Xtracycle Basic Disc Brake Kit

Brake in your Xtracycle Want to set up your disc brake mountain bike to an Xtracycle? The Basic Disc Kit is all you need to make a standard disc brake system (160mm rotors) work with your Xtracycle. Xtracycle wanted a solution that kept the integrity of the tubing, allowed maximum flexibility of brakes, and gave high-strength high-reliability performance for your Sport Utility Bicycle. This involves spacing the caliper 21.5mm further from the hub to allow use of the rotor. This means that a disc brake caliper designed for 160mm rotors will now be in the correct position for a 203mm rotor without any modification or adapters. For brake systems other than 160 mm, you will need to get the appropriate adapter to use a 160mm rotor. For example: an Avid system designed for 185mm rotors can use a 160mm caliper mount, available at your local bike shop. Not all brake systems are as modular and adjustable as this, but there is a solution for most types of brakes, including Shimano, Hayes, Magura and Avid.

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This product has been discontinued.