Xtracycle Cam Strap for Pannier Racks

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Lock up and strap down

When you need to lock down something large and heavy don’t turn to cargo nets or bungee cords, pull out your trusty Cam Straps and make sure your load doesn’t move or shift while you transport your cargo.The straps have stitched loops for girth hitching on those extra bulky loads.

A set of Xtracycle Cam Straps is very helpful for securing many brands of bicycle panniers when using the Xtracycle Pannier Racks . The Xtracycle Pannier Rack rail is 10mm. Panniers such as those by Ortleib, Vaude and Racktime will mount to the 10mm rail of the Pannier Rack and require a set of Cam Straps to hold the bottom of the panniers against the FreeRadical Frame. Panniers with spring loaded tensioners such as those by Jandd, also mount to the 10mm rail. Their lower mounting hooks can often be hooked to the frame without requiring the use of the Cam Straps. Given the wide array of panniers on the market, we cannot guarantee that all will easily secure to the Pannier Racks.

Check out the WideLoader and LongLoader for accommodating larger loads.

  • 1 Cam Strap 8″
  • 1 Strap 68″