Xtracycle LongLoader Rack


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Longing for increased carrying capacity?

The LongLoader is a standoff bar for carrying long loads with your Xtracycle FreeRadical such as surf boards and ladders.

The LongLoader allows you to mount long items on top of a Xtracycle WideLoader Rack so that the front of the item runs out to the side of the rider rather than right into their pedaling area.

Adjustable to work on either side of the FreeRadical but will only work in conjunction with a WideLoader and Xtracycle Vertical Racks.

The LongLoader is not compatible with the Xtracycle U-Tube.


Xtracycle offers a 1 year warranty on accessories and components

  • 1 Long Loader
  • 2 Cam Straps for securing loads