YBike Child Balance Bike

Early Motor-Skill Development with YBIKE

Your child can learn and develop important motor skills, which are easily transferable to a standard bicycle as early as the age of 2 with a YBIKE Balance Bike. Balance bikes are a incredible way for your child to learn how to ride a bicycle without the traditional balancing aids, such as training wheels or tricycles, while also having fun and feeling great.

The YBIKE Balance Bike is the original YBIKE, which was designed to teach and improve balance and coordination. The YBIKE is made with a sturdy plastic frame and features two rear wheels, which are placed directly next to one another to provide minimal stabilizing assistance. The frame of the YBIKE has high clearance and large wheels that make for safer riding, both indoor and outdoor, as well as on both even and uneven surfaces. The YBIKE Is great for children aged 2 and up, and it can accommodate a child up to 100 pounds. The bike itself only weighs 8.5 pounds, so it is easy for a young child to push when off the bike. The YBIKE Is very easy to assemble and comes with the necessary toolkit to do so.

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This product has been discontinued.