YBike Extreme Child Balance Bike

Extreme Balance with YBIKE Extreme

The YBIKE Extreme is a fun and effective way to teach your child to ride a bicycle without the aid of training wheels or a tricycle. In fact, children that learn to balance without stabilizing aids tend to pick up a standard bicycle very quickly! Balance bikes also teach coordination and independence, and they are simply fun to use!

The YBIKE Extreme is meant for children aged 3 and up, which is one year older than the original YBIKE Balance Bike. The YBIKE Extreme is meant for slightly older children because it only has one rear wheel, which makes it more like a traditional bicycle, just without the pedals! The YBIKE Extreme features a lightweight aluminum frame with high clearance and large wheels for riding on a variety of surfaces, as well as a wider angle front fork to mimic a standard bicycle. The YBIKE Extreme is not adjustable, but it has a long saddle beam, which provides for many seating options as your child grows. With cartridge wheel bearings, the YBIKE Extreme has a nice smooth ride that allows the bike to glide along with ease. The YBIKE Extreme requires some minor assembly, which is easy to do with the provided tools.

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This product has been discontinued.