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Price: $23.99

Burley Travoy Rack Mount Hitch Adapter

Stock status: 1 in stock

Hitch the Travoy to your Rack

Don't labor over deciding whether to use the Burley Travoy or your bike rack. Now, you can use both with the Travoy Rack Mounted Hitch. Keep a hitch on your various bike set ups, so transferring the Travoy between bikes is seamless. Bike with panniers, a rack top bag, and the Travoy, and you will have all the space you could ever want.

This adapter may be mounted anywhere along the top of your rack. Mount it towards the front of the bike rack for a shorter trailing length of the Travoy. Move the bracket back to get room for Rack-Top Bags. Adapt to the convenience of a rack mounted hitch.

  • Can mount Travoy trailer to a bike rack
  • Compatible with most rear racks
  • Weight: 4 ounces
    5 year warranty on plastic parts and trailer small parts
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Burley Travoy Rack Mount Hitch Adapterclick image to enlarge
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Price: $23.99

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Product Reviews

24 Jan 2013
Doug C says...
My situation made hitching to the seat bar difficult to impossible (another item is already mounted there), so the availability of the rack mount hitch turned out to be a life saver. On my eZip, because of its wider rack, could only mount it with two screws (instead of the four provided), but this still made for a very tight reliable mount. "One of" the main reasons I wanted the Burley Travoy was because it didn't have to mount off the end of the axle. This mount is very solidly built. Without it and its capability to mount on the back end of the rack, I would have had to remove other equipment in order to use the trailer. But alas...I was saved by this hitch.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
10 Apr 2011
Christy K says...
I wanted to find a way to attach a trailer to my Sun Recumbent trike. I found the travoy trailer then after few months they came out with this adapter. I got a TerraTrike Bike Rear Rack to put on the back of the trike and attached this adapter to the rack. Now I can pull a trailer behind the trike. Delivery of the item was very quick.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
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