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Bike Trailer Accessories

Accessorize, Personalize, and Utilize Your Bike Trailer

Getting Started:

So you have a bike trailer. That's a start.

To make a bike trailer truly usable for your lifestyle, you're probably going to need some accessories. A bike trailer is a utilitarian platform, as well as a vehicle for self-expression. Moving cargo or moving kids, no two bike trailer users are exactly alike. Your unique selection of accessories is what will make using your trailer integral to your routines as well as your adventures.

We're the bike trailer experts, so we know how to get the most enjoyment and the most utility out of your bike trailer.

Battle Lake BOB Bag

Tires, Tubes, and Boring Stuff

At the very least you will need new tires eventually. (It would be very disappointing if you didn't; that would mean you're not using your trailer.) If you are going on a tour, you'll need to carry some spare parts, locks and security cables, and possibly a travel case.

That's all necessary, but kind of boring. Boring is good when these accessories are reliable, durable, and available when you need them.

Carry More. Do More. Let Your Trailer Freak Flag Fly.

A trailer begins to show its utility and reflect your personality when you attach a water bottle and cage, a flag, a cargo liner, blinky lights for visibility, or even an English willow basket.

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