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Price: $408.99 $368.99

BOB Ibex Bike Cargo Trailer

Stock status: 3 in stock

Take the roads less traveled with the Ibex's three inches of adjustable suspension. Ride single-track and washboard roads with up to 70 pounds of gear. The Ibex is also great for city use as well, dampening curbs and potholes on the road.

We offer many options for the BOB Ibex trailer. A typical setup is the BOB standard length fork, the standard spacing BOB quick release and a BOB DrySAK.

Choose the 28 Fork model for use with 700c wheels with fenders as well as 29er mountain bikes. Choose the Yak Santana Fork model for use with Santana Tandems. The Ibex doesn't have it's own Santana Fork, however, the Yak Fork fits on just fine. The Santana Fork has wider 160mm spacing in the trailer fork and skewer for compatibility with the wider Santana frame spacing and hubs.

We highly recommend including the BOB DrySAK with your order. For bike touring or around town the BOB DrySAK is a great dry bag for keeping all of your gear dry. Made from durable and waterproof vinyl-coated PVC, the bag offers 5600 cu. in. capacity.

For around town use the Wandertec SAX Cargo Liner is a great addition to the BOB, turning the cargo area of the into a very usable trunk-like container. In combination with the Wandertec Cargo Net, tossing groceries, bags, and whatever else in and out of the BOB is a breeze.

View the BOB Ibex instruction manual.

  • Available in Tan
  • 3" adjustable-suspension
  • Tough chromoly frame
  • 6 different attachment options to create compatibility for most any bike
  • Includes safety items: trailer flag, trailer fender, and trailer fender reflector
  • Works great with the BOB DrySAK (sold separately as an accessory item)
  • Wheels: 16"
  • Trailer Weight: 17 lbs.
  • Overall Length: 58"
  • Cargo Area (LxWxH): 25" x 16" x 18"
  • Capacity: 70 lbs.

5 years on frame and fork, 1 year on components.

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Price: $408.99 $368.99

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Product Reviews

01 Jun 2015
Bobby B says...
The BOB Ibex 28 Plus Suspension Trailer. I purchased the trailer a couple of months ago from The Bike Trailer Shop. The purpose or reason for the purchase is to haul elk meat from within BLM, and National Forest in Colorado this upcoming archery elk season,, my plans anyway. It has gotten more difficult hauling the elk out on my aching back, getting older. I Have a fat bike, big fat tires right, well,, the 28 plus fork does fit the bike kinda,, but not really. The left side of the tire slightly rubbed the inside of the fork, and would have caused damage to the tire. I had to modify the fork via shop tools, all good now. I have pulled the empty trailer about 120 miles, 10 miles at a time, routine ride from the house. The trailer is remarkable, only added 2 minutes to my hilly ride. I loaded a bag of Sakrete concrete on the trailer and rode for about a mile around my driveway to see how she handled a simulated load of elk meat. B.O.B. did great, and I wasn't feeling the effects of a heavy backpack,, SWEET!!.. Once I got the loaded trailer going, I couldn't tell it was back there, well, hardly could tell, a bit top heavy. I will be adding weight in the trailer as I progress in my training... Remember "Train Hard Hunt Easy"....
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
29 May 2015
Keith D W says...
Just used the new trailer on a three day bike trip through the Rocky Mountains. Very happy with the product and also really pleased with how quickly I received it. I would recommend this trailer versus saddlebags after having used both.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
23 May 2015
David S says...
Just want to Thank Matt for assembling our new IBEX trailer. My wife and I are new to bike touring and we got a lot of great information from Matt and Brian at the Bike Shop Hub. This trailer works GREAT! We now have a trailer and bags from Ortlieb all from the Bike Shop Hub and looking forward to some to great adventures. Anyone needing assistance with their bike accessories and touring, go see Matt and Brian at the Bike Shop Hub in Tucson, AZ.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
20 Nov 2013
Kevin M says...
The first time I used the trailer fully loaded on my road bike, I found it unsettling to have the bike sway unpredictably to the right or left. This feeling of the bike being possessed is proportional to the load weight and to speed. It is less severe when the trailer is hitched to my steel touring bike or to my mountain bike. I avoid riding right on the edge of a road with a drop, or exceeding 20 mph. Overall, I am quite happy with the trailer, which I have used for touring/camping, and for grocery shopping. It handles major bumps and dips very smoothly, and I intend to use it for mountain trail repair.
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars
12 Dec 2012
Robert B says...
I wanted an ibex trailer and called biketrailershop - they had the best price. They had one left and it got here in two days! I was extremely satisfied with that. The service is awesome. I have used my trailer to haul firewood, mostly, and I regularly overload the thing. I've put probably 200 miles on it so far. It has performed flawlessly and I'd definitely buy one again and do business with biketrailershop again in the future. Very satisfied. The trailer is not hard to hook up to the bike like I read in some other reviews. It's simple and it's easy. Even when overloaded and top heavy, the trailer is easy to keep upright once you get it moving because of the gyroscopic inertia created with all three wheels turning (two on the bike and one trailer). This trailer is great and bikertrailershop is awesome as well.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
07 May 2012
Dan P says...
I couldn't be happier with my Ibex trailer. I had it shipped to Kauai and have been using it here for trips that take me from one end of the island to the other...over all kinds of terrain (including some very bumpy dirt/sand roads. I had my tent, sleeping pad, fins, boogie board and other goodies all packed in my Bob bag or on top, with a solar charger laying over the top of everything and my GoPro camera on my head. Perfect! I have over 150 miles on it so far, with 3 weeks left to go here...and then???
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
02 Sep 2011
Kenneth Vetter S says...
We really love this trailer. It is a quality trailer and Bike Trailer Shop are great people to work with. We bought this trailer to bike camp and grocery shop on our tandem bike. The day after we got the trailer we went on our usual ride to beautiful Riverbend/Battlefield park here in Jupiter Florida. The park has 12 miles of great bike trails.The trailer tracked beautiful on the trails and a narrow winding wooden bike/pedestrian bridge that goes over a bog. On our way home we stopped at Publix supermarket and loaded up on groceries in the BOB Trailer. The employees couldn't believe the pretty large order was going on a bike trailer and had to see for themselves. All was impressed. The ride home was great and hardly knew the BOB was there. We are in our 60s and have some disabilities and had no trouble handling the BOB. We love this trailer and the great people at the Bike Trailer shop. Ken & Denise Vetter
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
16 Jul 2011
Mark B says...
I had seen some excellent reviews from other overseas customers, but was still worried about buying from an american based company due to any potential follow up problems as i'm in England. WELL! BRILLIANT!! Delivered very quickly and very well packaged. It was sooooo easy to put together with 1 screw driver, 2 small adjustable spanners and 2 allen keys!!! 20 minutes i think it took and that was fitted on the bike too. It's all there, nothing missing, nothing broken. Okay, thats not it........ Went out with it this afternoon, in the rain, well i was too excited!! A doddle to ride with. I haven't loaded it up yet, but when i have i will repost with the results. But you know what? I already know it's going to be a breeze. It has a very low centre of gravity and the suspension is adjustable too. If anyone is thinking of buying one, my advice is do it!! This has opened a whole new world to me, thanks Guys.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
20 Jan 2011
Cameron K says...
Great service by phone, online and email ! The shipping took time, a lot of it. However, given the time of the year I ordered this 'amazing' trailer (Dec. 23rd) I guess it's understandable and the fact I live in Canada, customs and all. I would suggest looking at providing alternative couriers for the customer. There are times when it would be faster and more convenient to use a courier like UPS etc. (just saying). The trailer came as expected, well packed. I can hardly wait to get on the road, back out to the mountains my camera gear well packed and protected. keithstudios[DOT]com Thanks guys for a great service! Cheers Cam
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
16 May 2010
Gary C says...
I live in Brisbane, Australia and recently purchased a Bob Ibex trailer from the Bike Trailer Shop. I have to admit I was very hesitant buying the unit from the U.S. as I was very aware of the damage that could be done to the trailer in transit....not to mention the time it could take to get out here to the Land of Oz. I have to say I was absolutely amazed to recieve the trailer in perfect condition within a week of placing the order, and with at the level of follow up service I recieved from Megan who realised I had forgotten to order an adaptor kit for the trailer rack, and sent one with the unit anyway. Based on my experience I would whole heartedly recoment the services of the Bike Trailer Shop to any overseas customer contemplating purchasing a Bob trailer from the U.S.A. Regards Gary Cox
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
29 Mar 2010
Dennis L says...
Just a quick note to say thank you for your outstanding customer service. I was pleased to find all the accessories I wanted for the Yak Plus available as options when I ordered my trailer, made shopping so much easier. I wish I had ordered the Wandertec liner when I ordered the trailer. The Dry Sak is a great option but cumbersome for quick trips to the grocery store. The trailer is the easiest I have ever used. It trails behind the bike nicely without trying to push and pull the bike. I really don't even notice that its there, it pulls so effortlessly. Due to the trails we have here in Alaska I added the Big Apple tire. We ride year round here using studded tires on our bikes, nit sure if the trailer will need studs or not, guess I'll find out next winter. Thanks for price matching for me on the trailer so I could complete my order without the need to order from 2 different sites.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
14 Jul 2009
Marv K says...
Just got delivery, all there, instructions reasonable. Got the Greenfield kickstand...which could use some simple info...or at least a pic. I guessed how to mount it, then went to this site to see pic. Then had to reverse as per pic (had to remove from bike to avoid tightening bolts through spokes). Agree with one other writer on backward pic...probably should have left it at my first guess..:(. Thunderstorm arrived on cue when stepping out the door for maiden voyage (also with my new Montague Paratrooper bike :), so am looking forward to starting bike adventures tomorrow with 11 mile trip to girlfriends house (she can always drive me home if I get pooped (I'm 72) on the the Paratrooper is also a folder..:) Marv K
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
24 Jun 2009
Gary S says...
The B.O.B ibex is second to none , The suspension system makes it perfect for hauling my lap top and camera gear on a rail to trail expedition, along with a dry sack tent sleeping bag and cooler , This product is perfect in every way
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
20 Jan 2009
Joshua H says...
Nothing compares to this trailer. I use it to haul grocieries and it has saved me ten times its cost in gas money over the years. It also makes a great camping trailer. Why drive to the camp site? My girlfriend has a YAK and we pull in with our trailers. It makes the trip feel more adventurous. I have a car now, but this trailer is also the only reason I was able to survive without a car for four years. Once my girlfriend moves down here with me, she will take the car and I will take the BOB. Josh p.s. - Forgot to mention that this trailer is perfect for geocaching expeditions. Pack all your gear and go! I just ordered the Wandertec liner. Can't wait until it comes!
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
22 Dec 2008
James D says...
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars
14 Aug 2007
Harry B says...
The IBEX is a great way to transport goods. I have found it very easy to pull and, most of the time, don't even know it's back there. If one follows the directions for loading you will notice that it does say to NOT try and hitch the trailer with a full load. Makes it easier if you load it AFTER it's hitched. The bigger issue with the IBEX is the fender. This provided absoultely NO protection from a "Rooster Tail" What I did was add a 20" Freddy Fender to the 16" wheel. I chose to go with a larger diameter fender so it would fully wrap the wheel. This CAN be done and is quite easy with only one extra support holding the fender in place. It cures the "rooster" issue and helps to protect your load. Of course you will need to add a mudflap to the back wheel of the bike to keep the splatter off from that area. Other than the fender issue I have found this to be quite a useful item and am more than happy with the investment that I made. BOB does need to address the fender issue for those folks out there that want a little extra load protection and are using this trailer on a daily basis.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
12 Aug 2007
Spicer C says...
What a find! After a few minutes of searching the Internet, I found Since the order was "rush", I phoned and got Josh. We spent the better part of 30 minutes going through all the equiptment I'd need for my trip: the BOB Trailer, the dry-sack for transport, extra little things I certainly would have forgotten... I made the payment and he had it shipped THAT DAY (UPS was picking up in less than an hour!). I got the trailer with all accessories 3 days later -- it was great! Thanks for making it so easy, Josh. Anyone in the market for Bike Trailer stuff, you've definitely hit the mother lode... :-) -SC- (Santa Monica, CA)
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
31 May 2006
Joshua G says...
Pros: I really enjoyed using this product in combination with a Wandertec CELLO. I found that I was able to place large backpack inside the drysak along with a smaller book bag, and the CELLO Parts bag. This was quite useful as my trip itinerary called for some day hikes, cycle touring, and single track. Overall, I am very happy with this trailer as I can ride in urban, open road, and off-road sections with the confidence that the trailer will be hanging-on behind. Cons: It's difficult to back this trailer up. My bicycle has an assymetrical chainstay, so I can't use a dually kickstand. Therefore, it takes awhile to find that sweet spot for leaning or parking the bike and trailer in a 'L' or 'V' formation. Overall: This is the real deal, it will go wherever there is a desire to forge on through the elements, the ascents, descents, and the road or lack thereof ahead. B.O.B. it truly is a B.O.B.!
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
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