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Price: $99.99

BOB Trailer and Stroller Travel Bag

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BOB Travel Bag for Strollers and Bicycle Trailers

Having trouble finding out how your bike trailer is going to fit on the plane for your upcoming tour? Look no further than the Bob Travel Bag. This bag includes all the small details for traveling comfortably with your gear.

The large cargo space allows you to fit not only your trailer and trailer accessories, but a fully loaded duffel bag to boot! The BOB Travel Bag is ideal for the Bob Ibex Trailer, as well as the Burley Nomad, the Burley Flatbed and the Wandertec BONGO Large and Small. A BOB Yak Trailer can sort of be squeezed into the bag, though it is not a good fit and we do not recommend it.

A few hints when traveling with your trailer. The BOB Ibex utilizes extra space because of the shock tower. The shock tower can be removed and placed at the end of the trailer with the fork for the best fit. For extra protection, hub guards are integrated inside the large tire pocket and a fork block is included to protect trailer dropouts.

For the Burley Nomad. It's recommended to place extra padding around the wheels since both will not fit into the tire pocket.

The Travel Bag utilizes wheels and a rubber padded pulling strap for easy rolling when fully loaded. When not in use, this bag folds up tightly with the help of securing straps. All of the organization you could want for all of your small and large parts makes packing easy, and unloading even easier. The BOB Travel Bag is intended to carry all sorts of items, so you can take your bicycle trailer, child stroller, or other necessities wherever you go.

  • Available in Black
  • Can be used as carry on luggage at the airport
  • Fits a full BOB Ibex trailer, Burley Nomad Trailer, Burley Flatbed, Wandertec BONGO Large and Small
  • Padded inside with plastic reinforced side panels
  • Rubber handles and carrying strap for carting around luggage style
  • Shoulder strap included
  • Fork block included to protect trailer dropouts
  • Two luggage style plastic wheels for easily motility
  • Inner straps for tightly securing cargo
  • Large inner lid pocket with hub guards for tire storage
  • Small inner pocket for quick releases, spare tubes, and other small items
  • Rolls up tightly with securing strap when not in use
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 35" x 19" x 10"
  • Rolled up dimensions: 20" x 12"
  • Weight: 141 ounces
  • Fabric: Tough, water resistant polyester fabric

BOB offers a 1 year warranty on all fabric and item components

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Price: $99.99

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Product Reviews

05 Jun 2016
ABRAHAM R says...
Is it possible to use this product (TRAVEL BAG) with the BOB TRAILER IBEX PLUS?? TKS
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
31 Oct 2013
Merriott R says...
This is the perfect solution to the issue of traveling with your BOB trailer. I had to travel without my trailer last year and needed a solution for this year. I would like to make some clarifications to the reviews. First of all I don't have kids so I cannot comment on the stroller pairing with this item I have a BOB off-road trailer (btw suspension is nice even on the roads...curbs and pottholes), and the bag fits it perfectly. In fact this bag is also a great solution for not only your trailer, but bike gear as well, all in one. This is the only place I know of to get this bag. It's the difference between biking and traveling by plane with your awesome trailer, or without. Thank you!
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
23 Mar 2013
Michael C says...
I am going to second the review of Raymond O. This bag DOES NOT accomodate a YAK trailer. The bag will not close with the trailer inside. There is about 6 inches of zipper at the "top" of the bag that will not close. It's disappointing that BTS promotes this as a bag for a bike trailer. It is designed for BOB strollers, not trailers and it will not accomodate both.
Rated 1 out of 5 Stars
16 Oct 2010
Raymond O says...
This bag is supposed to work with either the stroller or trailer. It might work with the stroller ok, but it doesn't work well with the Yak trailer. The trailer really doesn't fit all that well in the bag. Also, it came with no instructions for use. All in all a waste of money. I bought a $25 duffel that works better. (Note From For BOB Trailers, this bag works very well with the BOB Ibex as shown in the picture. In our experiance, this bag also does work with the BOB Yak, however, the BOB Yak rear end does push out on the bag slightly. This bag was designed for the BOB Stroller and using it for the BOB Trailer is a discovered use of the product.
Rated 1 out of 5 Stars
01 Oct 2010
Leanne W says...
I was referred to this shop by someone who works at BOB because I was looking at the last minute for the Stroller Travel Bag which was practically impossible to find available anywhere. Ordering online was a breeze, I also called so they knew to expect my order and that I was in a rush. They were very polite and promised to get it ready for shipping that day. There was no tax for me as I live in CA. Also, the shipping fee was very reasonable especially for expedited service and they got my order shipped out right away; we received it a couple days before our flight. What a relief! I will check here first for any bike equipment I need in the future and will recommend friends to shop here as well. Thanks for your great service and expedient processing and handling of our order!
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
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