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Price: $328.99 $298.99

BOB Yak Bike Cargo Trailer

Stock status: 2 in stock

The YAK trailer is the original Beast of Burden (B.O.B.) product. This versatile single wheel bike cargo trailer has long been the most popular trailer among cyclists the world over for both touring and around town utility hauling.

The appeal of the Yak is its single wheel design and easy attachment system. Unlike two wheel trailers, the B.O.B. Yak tracks right behind you, almost like it's on rails. At times you find it actually disappears - you may forget it's back there.

We offer many options for the BOB Yak trailer. A typical setup is the BOB standard length fork, the standard spacing BOB Quick Release and a BOB DrySAK.

Choose the 28 Fork model for use when extra clearance is needed such as with 700c wheels with fenders or 29er mountain bikes. Choose the Santana Fork model for use with Santana Tandems. The Santana Fork has wider 160mm spacing in both the trailer fork and quick release for compatibility with the wider Santana frame spacing and hubs.

We highly recommend including the BOB DrySAK with your order. For bike touring or around town the BOB DrySAK is a great dry bag for keeping all of your gear dry. Made from durable and waterproof vinyl-coated PVC, the bag offers 5600 cu. in. capacity.

For around town use the Wandertec SAX Cargo Liner is a great addition to the BOB, turning the cargo area of the into a very usable trunk-like container. In combination with the Wandertec Cargo Net, tossing groceries, bags, and whatever else in and out of the BOB is a breeze.

View the BOB Yak instruction manual. (Requires Adobe Acrobat 4.0+)

  • Available in Black
  • Tough Chromoly frame
  • 6 different attachment options to create compatibility for most any bike
  • Water bottle bosses on each side of the frame for extra hydration carrying capability
  • Includes safety items: trailer flag, trailer fender, and trailer fender reflector
  • Works great with the BOB DrySAK or the Wandertec SAX BOB Cargo Liner(sold separately)
  • Wheels: 16"
  • Trailer Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Overall Length: 56"
  • Cargo Area (LxWxH): 25" x 16" x 18"
  • Capacity: 70 lbs.

5 years on frame and fork, 1 year on components.

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Price: $328.99 $298.99

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Product Reviews

26 Apr 2015
MARK M says...
My purchase & initial use of the BOB Yak Trailer has been nothing but positive. Even though I have only owned and used the BOB for about a month now, it has delivered what it promised. My maiden ride I loaded about 25 lbs of gear just to get use to the feel. Like previous reviews I have read, it felt like the BOB single wheel system was on rails. I never had to concern myself with it\'s footprint or the slight pull I feel riding several hours in a day. The feel and ride are not awkward and is quite stable. I also love the BOB Dry Sac. It holds 91 liters of gear and fits perfectly on the trail. And the price is much lower than buying a name brand dry sac. Thanks to for impeccable customer service too.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
12 Nov 2013
Erasmo P says...
Excellent purchase. Thank you !
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
20 Oct 2012
Mike C says...
After looking at touring bikes and the cost of adding racks and panniers, I decided to buy my BOB YAK trailer to haul behind my Salsa Mamasita hardtail 29er at a much more reasonable cost. I put Schwalbe Big Apples on the bike's rims, shortened the stem and added a handlebar bag and voila. A great hauler for touring. The trailer assembled easily and fit on the bike perfectly. My first experience with it was a 26-mile ride with 20 lbs. in the dry bag. No problems at all. Then I did a 60-miler with 25 lbs. in the bag. Again, no problems. The trailer trailed the bike perfectly. Some may find an issue with parking the rig or backing up. My answer to that is find a place where backing up is not required. I did buy a kickstand and mounted it on the trailer itself. When you find the right angle of the bike's front tire that rig is solid and does not require additional lateral space. My next ride was an overnight camping trip with the BOB loaded with 34 lbs. of gear. Traveled about 100 miles. It was great fun, even on the hills. I thought having that weight behind me would make climbing difficult but it wasn't bad at all. Having MTB gearing did help. I am looking forward to a 5-day trip up the California coast and this winter with a friend who also has a BOB and to a trip from San Diego, CA to Apache Junction, AZ. I trust my BOB YAK trailer completely. Longer trips will surely happen.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
21 Jul 2012
Brad C says...
does this fit all bikes. I have a norco
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
17 Nov 2010
Robert W says...
good value..well constructed
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
06 Nov 2010
Ignacio D says...
How does it pack? I would like to take it to patagonia and I need to take it in a bus...
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars
25 Aug 2010
William P says...
It seems that most of the folks who have reviewed BOB trailers on this site are long-distance tourers. I'm writing in to offer a city rider's perspective. I ride a single-speed bicycle with a nutted axle, and I decided to get a Yak from this site after a scary experience with a two-wheel trailer that I purchased at a local bike store, which ended in a refund and some bruised egos. What happened was that after mounting the two-wheeler's big fat hitch on my axle, there wasn't enough thread left for the axle nuts, and the axle slipped considerably after only three miles, even with the trailer completely empty. That's when I started thinking about the BOB, which I'd initially ruled out on the basis of its price tag. Now that I've got my Yak, I think it's worth every dollar. For a bike with a nutted rear axle, the BOB simply does not have this problem. Since the BOB Nutz replace the axle nuts you've already got, you don't have to sacrifice any of the thread on your axle to install a hitch; you can be certain that your rear wheel is just as secure after installation as it was before. -- Other thoughts about my Yak: (1) "Parking" is indeed tricky, but in the city this is a non-issue, since I never "park" my bike anyway--I lock it up. When I arrive at my destination, I unhitch the trailer, lay it on its side beside the bike, lock them both to the post with a Kryptonite New York Chain, and loop cables through the wheels. From one point of view, this is an inconvenience; from my point of view, this is just the necessary procedure for protecting my property. (2) Pulling the BOB is more like captaining a tandem than pulling a two-wheel trailer. The first few pedal-strokes are what take some getting used to: because the trailer leans with you, all of its weight rocks with the weight of the bike when you're standing up in the pedals. So when making a standing start, you have to be a little less aggressive than you would be with a typical two-wheel trailer, or your arms (and your bicycle frame) will get an unexpected workout. At low speeds I prefer the handling of a two-wheeler; at cruising speed I prefer the handling of the BOB. On level ground, the thing practically disappears as early as 5 mph. (3) The trailer's construction is excellent. It gives an immediate impression of strength and durability. And it's steel, which IMHO is almost always the right material for the job. (4) My one gripe, and it's minor: mounting a rear light on the BOB for urban riding isn't as easy as it should be. It's nice that this website sells a rear rack kit, but ideally the trailer would have lighting-friendly hardware of its own. Here's something I discovered in my tinkering: if you wind a single turn of cork tape around one of the wheel stays, you've got something close enough to the diameter of a typical seat post, and you can put your regular seat-post light there, next to the wheel. (5) And lest I forget: thanks to for carrying such a wonderful selection of earth-friendly toys and tools. I got more information about my trailer options at this site than at any bike shop in town. My order arrived less than a week after I placed it. I got a great deal and swift service on a terrific product. I'm happy.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
03 Aug 2010
Steve W says...
Great product. I can't wait to use it on my trip around the upper half of Lake Michigan the first 2 weeks of September
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
16 May 2009
Terry C says...
I have used my Bob Yak twice now. First time without a kickstand. Second with a kickstand attached to the yolk. Worked great while loading and unloading 45 pounds of groceries. Until I have a chance to hit the road for a tour, I will use my BOB Yak for running errands such as hauling groceries.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
24 Aug 2008
Charles S says...
I purchased the BOB YAK Trailer from about a year ago - and I am soooo glad I did! For starters, I was able to speak with a real live person on the phone about what my needs were. Second, there are no other places that make available the same complete list of necessary accessories for the BOB Trailer. I purchased the YAK, along with several accessories. The Wandertec accessory items are top-quality and reasonalby priced. I feel sorry for people who buy their BOB Trailer elsewhere and never discover these useful items. I feel lucky to have stumbled upon as I get more compliments and jealous stares from fellow riders and the occasional street-side gawker because of the extra items that make my trailer experience complete. You wouldn't believe how much positive attention this simple trailer creates in these eco-sensitive times. The Cargo Net is just one of several items available through this site that make the BOB YAK a nearly perfect item. It's perfect for me in several capacities: for one, I use it for photography equipment that I don't want falling out. It helps to hold the main camera bag in along with a large tripod. I also use it for grocery bags and laundry, too. No stopping and turning around to pick up items that fell out because of a bump or strong wind. Great invention. I also recommend the kickstand - I like the one that attaches directly to the trailer. Believe me, you will need an extra kickstand. As a matter of fact, the trailer stand is absolutely necessary. I also like the BOB big yellow sac (simply a must-have for laundry - even without the trailer!). I almost didn't buy this big sac as I thought it was just extra money I didn't need to spend - but it is soooo useful. The Wandertec flag light (even though I no longer use my flag in the daytime as I feel that it is annoying and ugly - I only use it at night for safety issues where the light comes in handy - another thoughtful invention). Oh, you have to get the Big Apple tire. It costs more - but you can really load up the trailer and not worry about too much stress. I've gone up gravel trails on mountains with this thing and it never failed. I still have the original tire on my trailer after miles of hard wear and tear. Without seeming corney - I just want to add that I was very reluctant to spend so much money for something that was supposed to just be for a semester-long photography assignment. It turned out to be a life-changing decision that has helped to create a healthy and environmentlly-friendly lifestyle. I now do my laudry at the laundromat via bike, I go shopping via bike, I go to college via bike, I photograph via bike - even Large Format equipment with a huge camera and tripod fit into this awesome contraption. I simply love this trailer!!! I just wish it was made in the USA. Why do American companies insist on outsourcing even simple and basic items? I'd happily pay more for an American-made item. That's my ONLY gripe. Thanks, CHARLES
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
15 Jul 2007
Bernard C says...
I get a lot more use out of my bike with my BOB trailer. I now look for reasons to run errands to the store or grocery. I spend more time on my bike, and less time in my car. I highly reccommend this product to anyone.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
20 May 2007
Matthew H says...
The BOB Yak is a great trailer. It's great for commuting around town, and ever since I've had it I've been able to do a lot more with my bike than I could have before. For instance, it's very handy for grocery shopping and other errands. Also, I've gone on several camping trips with it, and I plan on doing longer touring trips in the future.
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars
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