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Price: $358.95

Burley Piccolo Trailer Cycle

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Family Weekend Memories

The Burley Piccolo is the fun 7-speed trailer cycle that allows the munchkin to acclimate to the wonderful world of bicycling. The Piccolo is great for ages 4 to 10 years old and the easy adjust-ability lets the trailercycle grow with your child.

The Burley Piccolo is a 7-speed trailer cycle that allows your child to pedal along with you. The twist shifter is easy to use and helps kids get accustomed to multiple gears.

With the Piccolo, kids can keep up and join in on the fun. The seat and handlebars are easily adjustable for growing children. Both parent and child will appreciate the stability and easy handling provided by the innovative Aluminum ball bearing hitch.

The trailer cycle is an easy and fun transition from trailer to bicycle.

  • Weighs 18.0 lb/8.2 kg
  • Lightweight aluminum frame for durability, high performance and a solid ride
  • 7-speed rapidfire style thumb shifter
  • Front splash guard
  • Innovative Burley patented hitch system with ball-bearing guided pivots to provide shimmy-free performance
  • Hitch sits perpendicular to the ground, providing superior handling and stability
  • Double locking mechanism for extra security
  • Stable and snug in-line handling with over-axle pivot attachment
  • Includes Burley rack
  • Adjustable handlebar and seat post
  • Safety flag and both wheel and rear reflectors for visibility
  • 20-inch wheel for smooth rolling
  • Recommended for children 4 to 10 years old and up to 85 lb/38.5 kg, with a recommended 2-1 adult weight-to-child weight ratio
  • Wheels: 20"
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Overall Length: 56.25"
  • Capacity: 85 lbs
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
    The rack and hitch have a 5 year warranty. Defective equipment parts hold 180 day warranty. Frames have a limited lifetime warranty.

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Price: $358.95

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Product Reviews

29 May 2012
Ashwin R says...
I bought this for my four-year old daughter. She absolutely loved it the first time we rode it, and her excitement has not waned since. This trailer bike is solidly built and secure, a big question mark about similar products that attach to the seat post rather than a customized rack. I highly recommend this trailer bike!
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
02 May 2012
Jeff S says...
I bought the Piccolo because of the feedback I had heard about the stability of the rack-mounted design. I am not disappointed. The cycle is stable and moves as one with the bike. This helps tremendously with the stability for both the adult and the child. The construction of the frame and rack are solid and assembly was easy. Overall, I don't regret the purchase. Unfortunately, I did have a couple of complaints. The shifter is absolutely horrible. It is extremely difficult to shift. Even for an adult, the shifter requires an unnecessary amount of force to shift to a larger gear. I would be surprised if any kid at the lower end of the target age could shift it. This is a major issue. I have yet to begin trying to resolve the issue but I suspect it is a combination of a poorly designed/made shifter, poor quality cables and an inefficient cable routing. I expect to have to buy a new cables and probably a new shifter to resolve it. The shift cable is too long. I know it's designed to accommodate different handlebar mounting positions, but it is still several inches longer than it needs to be. The seatpost/clamp design is lousy. They clearly cut a corner here and for me, it's unacceptable given the price. I don't necessarily regret the purchase, but be warned. If you are going to spend the extra money for the 7-speed model, you should be prepared to spend even more to get it functional. The single-speed model is likely a better value.
Rated 3 out of 5 Stars
28 Dec 2011
Corey H says...
Purchased the Burley Piccolo about three weeks ago and have used it about a dozen times already with my 5-year old daughter (45 lbs) , and we both love it. It's highly adjustable, rides well, tows well, and feels like a high quality product. Set up was fairly straightforward. The most difficult part was attaching the rear rack's horizontal stabilizers to my seat post, which took about twenty minutes of fiddling to assure a secure attachment. Towing put a lot of weight on my rear wheel, more than I expected and more than I experience when towing a Burley trailer or Bob trailer. Also, if my daughter wobbles side to side, she can throw my bike off balance, so I have to stay focused and be aware of her whims and what we're riding towards. Overall, however, when you get used to it, it is a very enjoyable ride. Rough dirt roads (washboards) were difficult and I would recommend a suspension seat post and perhaps a fatter tire. (Or perhaps Burley will introduce one with suspension!) I noticed two minor design elements within the first few minutes that are cosmetic in nature, but I would recommend that Burley address these on future versions. No water bottle mounts. I mounted a water bottle cage below the handlebars on the child's side of the tube. This puts it within easy reach of my daughter. The other item that should be addressed is a little harder to describe. When picking up or setting down the trailer while it is unattached to the towing bicycle, the attachment mechanism (the plate that latches onto the rear rack) swings back and forth with enough force to chip the paint on the underside of the Piccolo's main tube. A lot. I recommend that until Burley adds a chain guard-like covering, that new owners wrap the to;p tube with electrical tape or handle bar tape for 4 inches from the attachment plate back towards the child. Overall, I give this trailer high marks and would recommend it to anyone. And lastly, my working with Bike Kid Shop was easy and pleasant. They shipped promptly and were very kind and helpful on the phone. Will shop with them again.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
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