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Getting Started:

Here at we carry all of the manufacturer's accessories for the brands of bike child trailers we carry. We then went even further by gathering together all of the additional accessories and parts that we found helpful and useful for repairing or upgrading or just doing more with your trailer.

Tires, Tubes, and Boring Stuff

If you don't need a new tire or tube eventually, you haven't been having enough fun.

Don't let finding the odd size tube or tire keep your bike child trailer out of commission, we have tubes and replacement tires to fit almost every kind of child trailer. Our range of tubes and tires even includes high quality touring tires for longer term reliability.

Handlebar Console

Storage, Multitasking, and Theft Deterrence

Storing your trailer in the garage on the porch or putting it in the attic for the winter? Or maybe you are taking your trailer with you on vacation. Many of child trailers are also great as strollers you know... Then check out our selection of bike child trailer storage and travel accessories.

We carry handlebar consoles to hold the items you want at hand -- water bottles, cell phone -- while your trailer is in stroller mode. We carry locks, kickstands, and other accessories to keep your bike and trailer stable when it's not in motion or not with you.


When it comes to bike child trailers and safety, one of the most important things is for you and your child to be seen by others. Using flags and lights on trailers is one of the best ways to increase visibility both day and night.

Whatever it is you are looking to do with your bike child trailer, we've got you covered with the full range of brand specific and general use parts and accessories.

Burley : Since 1978, Burley has been designing and building exceptional and safe family cycling gear and accessories that help you and your family get out and have fun.

Chariot : Chariot Carriers is dedicated solely to the outdoor transportation of children, and it shows. Their purpose is to produce the most innovative, safest, and highest quality child carriers on the market.

Croozer : Croozer, a division of Chariot Carriers, aims to provide safe, comfortable child trailers at economical prices.

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