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Bicycle Trailers for Dogs, Watercraft and Advertising

Getting Started:

What is a specialty bike trailer? A specialty trailer is a trailer that isn't meant to carry kids or cargo but designed to Advertise your business downtown, Carry your canoe to the ocean or carry your favorite pets to your local dog park.

Specialty Trailers have three categories: Pet Trailers, Advertising Trailers and Watercraft Trailers. Below we will discuss the many uses and see if a specialty trailer is right for your needs.

Pet Cruising

Bike Pet trailers allow you to make sure that your best furry friend never has to stay at home just because you aren't taking the car.

Bike dog trailers are useful for bringing your pet with you on longer bike rides, as well as for pets that can't keep up with your active lifestyle. Just like bike child trailers, bike dog trailers can easily be converted to strollers, and some of them can even be converted to ski trailers.

Pet bike trailers are two-wheeled, which makes them more stable. Reinforced floors and side battens keep those friskier pets from escaping or tipping the trailer over. The trailer itself bears most of the weight of your pet, in addition to making it safe for you and your furry companion. And best of all, bike dog trailers can easily be used to carry other types of Cargo when not in use by your pet.

When choosing a pet trailer there are quite a few things to consider. Whats the max capacity? Most pet trailer companies offer standard size trailers and also a "mini" verison for smaller pets. Reinforcement? You always want to make sure the fabric bottom is supported enough so that your pets claws or teeth... don't rip through the fabric. Options? Is this just a bike trailer or can it be easily converted to a stroller because sometimes a nice long walk is just what the DR ordered.
Consider the height of the dog and the interior height of the trailer. If you have a large dog, don't count on it wanting to lay down the way it does in the back seat. If the height of the trailer isn't at least as high as the height of the dog, you are going to have a cramped passenger. Equally important is the length of your dog. Measure from the chest to the back of the hindquarters. The length of the trailer cabin should be at least a few inches longer than the length of your dog.

If your trailer has a suspended fabric floor and you have a heavy dog, you may consider having a piece of quarter-inch plywood cut to the size and shape of your trailer floor. This will eliminate the unstable "trampoline" effect under your dog's feet without adding much weight to the trailer. But your big dog will appreciate the extra stability.

There's a lot of individual personality and judgment in this matter, and no Web page can give you an answer. Before even considering a trailer, think about your dog's temperament and its bond with you. If you've recently adopted a dog (one that's not already accustomed to bike trailers), give it some time until the dog and you have adjusted to each other. If you have a car, take into account how your dog behaves in a car. If you have the kind of dog that mostly lays down in the car, it will probably spend a lot more time on it's feet when it's in the trailer--for the same reason that you stand on your pedals when you go over bumps. Standing up smooths out the ride but by the same token, if your dog tends to be very active in the car, it will probably be even more active in the trailer.

Unless you are already experienced pulling two-wheeled bike trailers, your first time pulling the dog trailer shouldn't be the same as your dog's first ride in the trailer. Take the trailer out for a ride empty and get used to the extra turning radius required. Practice avoiding potholes, curbs, and other obstacles with the trailer's wheels. Your dog trailer will block any rear lights and reflectors on your bike, so your trailer needs rear reflectors of its own--and ideally a rear light of its own. A safety flag will make the trailer visible at the eye level of motorists.

While this is a new experience, your dog will be unpredictable. Take time and caution learning what to expect from your dog when it is in the trailer before assuming you know when the dog will or will not try to jump out. Although your dog may enjoy the trailer most with the top down and unharnessed, the safest mode is always to have the dog restrained inside the trailer cabin.

Guerrilla Marketing

How can a small business compete with the behemoths for mind share on the streets? Easy. Here is how.

The ExtraWheel Advert Bike Trailer allows you to deploy mobile billboards on wheels at strategic times of the day. It carries no cargo other than the 29.5-by-41-inch poster you create for your business or your cause. The poster can be a vinyl banner, a PVC board, or a piece of plywood. The Advertising Trailers are slender and can be easily maneuvered around town to help show off your business.
Advertising Trailers are perfect for any business. Delivery? Bakery? Having a sale? or maybe you have a food truck and it's almost lunch time and you want to heard people to your truck. Your customers are out there, go and get them!

Boat Hauling

The problem with boats? They're kind of big and heavy but fragile enough that you need to be able to transport your boat safely without damage. You don't have to resort to hauling your small watercraft behind or on top of a car when you can do it with your bike!

Paddleboy makes a variety of carts and trailers for carrying canoes, kayaks, surfboards, sailboards and more. Going camping? Leave the world and technology behind and take your bike with you. The most versatile model is the Go! Cart, which may be used either as a hand cart, or as a bike trailer. The base of the Go! Cart is Paddleboy's All-Terrain Center Cart (ATC), with 16-inch bike bike wheels.

The PaddleBoy Bike Trailer connects to your rear axle using their custom hitch and stays secure all while carrying up to 75lbs behind you. Don't be fooled easily young padawan, for when the paddleboy is used as a Handcart, it can carry up to 300lbs!

As a bike trailer, it's perfect for canoes, kayaks, surfboards, SUP boards and sailboards up to 75 pounds.

In cart mode (i.e. not being towed by a bike) the ATC can carry heavy loads and watercraft: heavy-loaded canoe portages, john-boats, dinghies and Lasers, up to 300 pounds.

Extrawheel : This Polish company makes a trailer for carrying a spare wheel plus panniers on each side.

Paddleboy Designs : Trailers designed to carry a kayak or canoe by bike. Enjoy rides to your water adventures.

Croozer : Add cargo space and an electric-powered push to nearly any existing bike with a Ridekick trailer.

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