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Radical Design Bike Cargo Trailers

Getting Started:

Based in beautiful countryside of the Dutch province of Drenthe, Radical Design emerged from a passion for mountaineering, requiring serious gear for serious users. And the trailers in the Cyclone series have plenty of details you would expect from a company that loves both backpacking and bike touring: rugged, converts into a duffel bag for easy travel, a carrying capacity of 100 pounds, and a sleek design for easy maneuverability. And it turns out these are also great qualities in a commuting or utility trailer.

The Cyclone has received many awards, including "Best Two-Wheeler for serious holiday cyclists" from the Dutch magazine Op Pad Biking.

Environment awareness is also part of the Radical Design philosophy, using materials wisely, sustainable energy, and minimizing waste.

We carry a full line of accessories for Radical Design trailers, such as the Radical Design Cyclone Walking Towbar, for when you leave your bike behind.

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