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Price: $349.00

Xtracycle FreeRadical Cargo Bike Kit

Stock status: Out of stock, availability unknown, not accepting backorders

The Last Free Radical. Ever.

This is the last Xtracycle Free Radical Cargo kit.

The FreeRadical is a bicycle extension -- extending the versatility of your bike. Take a road bike or mountain bike and convert it to a utility bike for carrying nearly everything you carry in your daily life.

Basically an extension to the rear triangle of your bike, it provides a multi-configuration platform for carrying cargo or a passenger.

Add accessories such as a LongLoader to carry longer items such as a surf board, a WideLoader or SideCar can carry wider items like small coolers, passenger accessories, such as Footsies, a seat cushion, and high quality child seats make your bike a people mover.

The Xtracycle mounts to your bike in the position where your rear wheel is normally located. The Xtracycle is bolted onto a bike's rear dropouts and chainstay. The rear bike wheel is then installed on the rear dropouts of the Xtracycle. In this position the rear wheel is extended 15" behind its normal position, providing a very stable base for carrying cargo or passengers.

All Xtracycles kits are built around the Free Radical base kit which includes theFree Radical Frame with cantilever and disc brake mounts, extra long brake & shifter cables, mounting hardware, and a kick stand (everything needed for installation to your bike). The Xtracycle installation requires the use of a longer 86" chain. For setting up an Xtracycle you can use the included 30" (6/7/8 speed) chain extension to add to your chain.
Upgrade to an Adventure Kit, or keep the bare bones of just a frame. Be a part of the bike solution revolution!

Download the Free Radical Instruction Manual. The FreeRadical requires a 203mm rear rotor is "IS" (international) mount, not post.

  • Dimensions (Overall Length): 44" frame, adds 15" to bike
  • Weight: Frame only = 5 lbs.; Frame + Accessories = 11 lbs
  • Carrying Capacity (rider + load): 350 lbs.

Xtracycle offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, and a 1 year warranty on accessories and components.

Xtracycle FreeRadical Cargo Bike Kitclick image to enlarge
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Price: $349.00

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Product Reviews

03 Oct 2014
Marc C says...
I love my new FreeRadical because that's what I am. I seek fun and freedom wherever I go. I have a relative who is bicycling solo from Canada to the tip of South America. My Cargo bike Kit is now on my 2006 Del Sol Shoreliner. Your Kit has transformed an ordinary beach cruiser into a work of art that people say is beautiful enough for a museum I'm sure of that ! Thank you so much BIKE tRAILER SHOP.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
23 Jun 2013
Jon W says...
I have been using my FreeRadical kit, along with the Wideloader and the LongLoader racks, for five months now and am thoroughly impressed with it. This IS my car, I commute and shop from this bike. I would be lying if I said that this kit doesn't flex and it is a little unnerving at first but after you get used to it it's not really a big deal. I have upgraded my wheels to a set built for a "downhill/freeride bike with a 400 pound rider" since getting this kit. The way I look at it, if the wheels can handle a 400 pound rider on a downhill or freeride run then they can surely handle me and my groceries on the streets. Even though my bike probably weighs in excess of 50 pounds empty it still rides smooth, handles like a champ and is easy to pedal. I don't hesitate to go on 65+ mile rides loaded down with an cooler full of water and ice on one side and a cooler with fresh fruit on the other. I do plan on upgrading to a Surly Big Dummy frame eventually, only because I want a one piece frame, but until then I will keep enjoying this kit.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
24 Jan 2012
Christian D says...
HELLOW I want to say that my bike is much better and more fun NOW I have put on this kit on my wife bike it's a LAPIERRE mbt made here in DIJON FRANCE A new SUN RIGEL rim with a XT HUB made by ME , new chaine KMC 10sl gold and some more. Now my bike runs faster than before
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
29 Dec 2011
Don G says...
awesome i got it quickly and it is sweet
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
02 Sep 2010
Chloe F says...
Love it, love it! This is a must have for any grocery getting bike-plus it's surprisingly solid. I have it built up with an old steel touring frame and I'm very surprised with how stable it feels (must be the long long wheelbase-duh!). It took quite awhile to put together and the Xtracycle instruction booklet is very confusing. Other than that, not complaints and it's worth it.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
09 Sep 2008
Michael S says...
Just completed my Xtracycle 2 days ago. I was one of the lucky ones to obtain one from the August shipment. Built up a bike specifically to accept the Free-radical kit. Used a Specialized Rockhopper frame wiht Manitou Black Elite fork with lockout. Bontrager disc wheels and Bontrager Comfort 1.9 hardcase tires (nice!). I love this thing. The ride is very stable and yet still nimble enough to wind through a crowded flea market (virgin ride). So far I've also ridden my son to the ball field, picked up 5 foot tubing lengths from Home Depot, new tires from the bike shop, groceries, etc. The guys at my local bike shop went wild over too, since only one of them had see the Free-Radical kit before (others had seen the Surly Big Dummy). Bought a stem to fit my seatpost so I can make a handlebar for my son. Next comes the foot pegs. I'm getting some 7/8" aluminum tubing so I can make the pegs and some custom attachments.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
13 Apr 2008
Gordon K says...
I received my Xtracycle last week and proceeded with the install. All in all it wasn't all that hard putting it all together. I took my time and in the end I would say I was closer to 2-3 hours for the install than the 30-90 minutes estimated for you local bike shop. Well this thing is sooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeet! I was concerned about every aspect of this. From the build to how it rode and so forth. Since I live in an area where I've never even seen one in person it was a real stretch for me to purchase. I've never purchased a bicycle before without first riding it. The one thing that put me at ease was the price they sold for used on Ebay. I figured if I put it together and didn't like it I wouldn't take to big a hit. I can say my worries can be put to rest now. It's amazing how much stuff I can get in the bags. The other thing that is really nice is that the weight is down near the hub. This makes the bike handle much nicer than before with a rack and trunk bag or even pannier hanging off the top of the rack. Weight is just that much lower that the weight doesn't effect handling much at all. Of course when climbing with a full load you know it of course. The thing is that when it's empty I really forget I have it. After 150 miles or so I would recommend the Xtracycle if your thinking about getting one. When I combine this with my Burley Nomad it is one load hauling Goat. Look for me riding the roads of Whidbey Island..... Chances are you will see me.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
21 May 2007
Justin C says...
The FreeRadical is pretty cool. I hooked it up to a GT Avalanche (took about 2 hrs.) and have been commuting on it ever since. I just took it on a garage sale expedition and bought all sorts of random things, heavy, long, and unwieldy; and the Xtracycle carried it all home admirably. I've taken passengers all around town, even up and down steep, windy hills, with no trouble. It's worth noting that there is some additional flex in the rear of the bike (like a tail wag), especially when standing on the pedals. This can be a little unsettling, but once you get used to it, the thing rides very well. Also noteworthy: The varnish on the wooden bits is a bit thin; after just a month in the sun and occasional rain, the wood is starting to show damage. I'm going to put a thicker coat of varnish on it. One cool trick I saw online (and copied): Cut a flat handlebar short and attach it with a stem to your seatpost, facing backwards. That way any passengers have a comfortable, safe place to hold on. Overall, the Xtracycle performs exactly as advertised: Rides like a bike, hauls like a trailer.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
25 Apr 2007
Morgan G says...
Background: I commute to and from work by bike as often as I can, about 7 miles each way, part of which is on a busy highway, part of which is rural, and part of which is in town. A big limitation to my commutes was my ability to carry gear and my 3 year old daughter (or, lack of ability). I had to drive at least 2-3 times per week because of those things. I am someone who likes to try new bikes and bike products - I have 6 bikes presently, from a folding bike to mountain to road bike. But rarely does something come along that revolutionizes the way I use my bike. But, the Freeradical did just that. It is one of the most revolutionary bike products I've tried in years. Details: I bought the Freeradical kit (frame) along with the freeloaders, a wide loader, and the PeaPod kid's seat. I had a Gary Fisher Tassajara for my commuting bike, and the Freeradical installed to that frame with no problems at all. It took me about 3 hours (I'm reasonably experienced at bike mechanics). It added 4-5 pounds, which is no big deal on the scale of things. I also had a Currie electric bike kit for this bike, and installed that with the FreeRadical. This is a great addition for helping haul big loads up the hills around here. Thoughts & Uses: My daily usage pattern is to ride to work, then after work stop by daycare, pick up my daughter, then stop at the grocery store or farmer's market to pick up food for the night's meal, along with any other necessary errands. The best thing about the Freeradical is that I can do these things without ever wondering "Can I fit it on the bike" when I'm buying stuff. My biggest load carried so far was about 100 lbs, consisting of an office chair (in its box) and an 8'x10' carpet on the wide/long loader. I rode this stuff into work, 7 miles, on a very windy day, and it worked flawlessly. I've also carried my daughter and her bike on recreational trail rides, then we will stop so she can ride for a little while until she gets tired, then we just load her and her bike back up and off we go. People often seem intrigued by this, but there is a usual question "is it heavy?". Well, by road racing bike standards, yes. Especially with the Currie electric kit (which adds far more pounds than the freeradical). However, my answer is that I use it every day, and in only a month or so of ownership, have replaced at least 20 car rides. At $2 each, that's $40 saved in gas alone (on top of parking, CO2 and everything else). I love it. For anyone serious about having a bike that can go anywhere and carry anything, this is the ticket. I sat here for a few minutes and tried to think of any negatives, and was hard pressed (which is unusual for me). I suppose one small negative is that with the freeloaders block access to adjust the V-brakes/chain, but they can be moved out of the way quite quickly. Another small one is that for carrying large loads a strong wheel is needed, but I already had a strong wheel due to the Currie kit on the bike. I cannot think of any major drawbacks.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
22 Feb 2007
Joya H says...
I really love my Xtracycle. When I first got it, I figured I would take it on and off quite a bit- using it like I would use a trailer - primarily for hauling and trips. But once I started using it, I found that I want it attached to my bike all the time! I commute to work on my bike, and find the extra space very convenient for taking my laptop, a change of clothes, and files to & from work. It also makes running unexpected errands a lot easier knowing I have the extra space to pick up a whatever I may need on my way home. The little bit of extra length has not changed the maneuverability of my bike at all. It's light and the design is great for someone who might be hesitant about hauling a traditional trailer. My boyfriend also has an Xtracycle and we have taken our bikes camping - we are able to pack everything we need on the bikes (including a little hibachi grill), and the Xtracycle really performs well on trails. The Xtracycle is a great innovation!
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars
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