20 Ways You Waste Money On Your Car

I was reading an article on MSN about “20 ways you waste money on your car.” The listed off some of the obvious such as permium gas, 3,000 mile oil changes, not knowing how to change a flat tire or wiper blades or etc. You can read more HERE.

With that in mind, I wanted to see what you folks think are ways of wasting money for your bikes? I have a few that I thought of, but not quite 20:

Color coordinating cycling clothing and gear. If you’re into that, check out Biker Fox!
Bike Repairs-Most of this stuff you can do yourself

Low Tire Pressure=Worn out Tires=Buying new Tires$$$

Cheap Bike Locks. Its ok to spend the sweet mula on a good bike lock, if you get a cheapo, you know you’ll be spending more $$ on a new bike once your old one gets stolen.

XTR or Higher End components-Nothing wrong with a bit of bling for parts, but not when you’re commuting. Get what works!

Don’t be shy to comment on other ways to waste money on your bike!

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0 thoughts on “20 Ways You Waste Money On Your Car”

  1. j j says:

    OK – You listed 4 ways… I’ll pick up with number 5 – 10:

    5. DON’T lock your bike for that 5 minute trip into the store – you may end up wasting ALL the money you’ve spent on your bike.

    6. Spend $_______ on a carbon-fiber ______ to save _____ grams, when you’re _____ pounds overweight yourself. (fill in the blanks)

    7. Use your gorilla-like strength to tighten anything aluminum.

    8. Buy more slime for your tires.

    9. Leave your headlight on after you park it in the garage.

    10. Leave your bike in the garage.

  2. j j says:

    oops – I almost duplicated one of yours…

  3. j j says:

    and I can’t count either.

  4. Moe says:

    Color Cordinating a waste of money?? Come on, you have to buy cycling clothes, you might as well match your bike!! My secret, buy from Ebay, you can buy 2 jerseys for the price that sell on the stores!

  5. RL Policar says:

    ok ok, the color coordinating…well I am a bit guilty of taking that poison in myself. For a while I rode my old Gary Fisher and it was Red, Black and Silver. So of course I had to get a chrome helmet, red shirt, red gloves and black shorts….Guilty as charged!

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