Cycling Therapy Helps Paralyzed

Via CBS news:

(AP) Vibrating tingles of electricity worm into the thin legs of paralyzed children, pulling at their muscles to pump up and down on a special bicycle.

It’s called electrical stimulation exercise therapy, and small but tantalizing studies suggest that this intense rehab just might help restore some function to people with spinal cord injuries, even if they were paralyzed long ago.

Desperate patients have sought this therapy since it was credited with helping the late Christopher Reeve regain the ability to feel human touch and move just a little, more than five years after a riding accident completely paralyzed the “Superman” star. Now scientists are putting the approach to a rigorous test -€  in a study with children that may begin to answer whether this sweat equity truly fuels recovery.

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  1. Jean Warman says:

    How do I obtain this machine for home use for my son????????? I love the article, but want to be able to have one for his personal use for therapy. RUSH INFO

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