Where are the women?

I had a great comment from Shasta – sounds like a female me. But most intriguing is her question at the end. Where are the women? I know several female riders who ride daily, but none who commute. I can only wonder why… anyone have any idea? I’d love to get some input; I’m going to talk to the girls I know who ride, and see what they have to say, and I’ll write an article on that soon.

“Being a big girl and not riding since the 80’s also I’m wondering what kind of bike you got and any recommendations for the bigger rider. I go into the bike shops and the “kids” are very polite and stuff but I feel so self conscience about asking for help. Where are the women?

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0 thoughts on “Where are the women?”

  1. RL Policar says:


    I’d strongly recommend the Giant Cypress. You and I both have one and we know how comfortable it is. In fact its one of Priscilla’s favorite bikes. I love the geometry, seat and punture resistant tires and Slime tubes that it comes with.

    Then the Kona Smoke has been pretty good to Moe and its commuter ready and friendly.

  2. jj says:

    Here’s a couple responses I have from my site…

    Laura Says:
    I’m here too! Before I started running, well, staggering at a slow speed and buying a bike to get to work I weighed 20 kilos more than I do now. But more than that, it is great fun!! There is a website for women who cycle http://www.teamestrogen.com/default.asp with fantastic support on the discusion boards. Go for it, girls can do anything too…

    Ellen Says:
    I’m right here! And don’t be shy at the bike shop – everyone has to start somewhere and you (the female commenter) are on the right track if you are considering bike commuting. It’s the best decision you can make – really!

  3. Sue says:

    And hyere…

    but there are all those “I’m vulnerable” issues. OTOH, that pepper spray for mutts could work on other annoyances just as well.

  4. […] While my own dear hubby doesn’t share my new pursuit, I definitely see more guys commuting than women.  (Come on ladies-join me.  It’s fun and cheaper than spin class!.  I think if my […]

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