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Product: Trikke Bikke
Cost: $379
Weight: 16lbs

Top speed of 11 mph and is propelled by a motor powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (that’s right, just like your cell phone). It’s range is just about one hour, or ten miles, but that’ll get you from mid-town to downtown, and will recharge before the workday is done — five or six hours.

What I liked
The Bikke has a two-speed motor which makes it feel like you have Turbo Boost! You can easily hear it working in the video. I love how small this scooter is. The weight is amazing. They say it weighs about 16lbs, but when you pick it up you’d think it weighs about 5lbs. The seat was very comfy and can be raised to different heights to suit the rider’s needs. Handle bar comes with soft grips and a bell. The Bikke is easy to ride, quick and remarkably strong. I wouldn’t suggest this, but I was jumping off the curbs with it to see if I could break it, but it was strong enough to handle my bodybuilder torso…Charge time wasn’t too bad, 4-6 hours and it came with a Smart Charger. That means once the batteries are filled up with juice, it automatically shuts off the charger, preventing battery damage. I liked that it had fenders, prevents up splash. I also have to mention that riding the Bikke is super fun! I was absolutely surprised on how well the Bikke could carry my weight let alone taking the abuse that I gave it.

Before we test any products, we have to remember: SAFETY FIRST!

Yah I know the full face helmet is a bit overkill, but you can never be too safe, right?

The Bikke runs on a direct drive motor:
Bikke Direct Drive Motor

What I didn’t like
The battery life started to diminish after 6 months of use. I couldn’t quite get the full 1 hour of ride time or the 11 miles, but then again I am about 40lbs heavier than the factory test subject’s weight, (150lbs). However, I did manage to make it to my local Starbucks and grocery store which is about a 3-6 mile round trip route.
The Bikke has a 200lbs limit. So that means a no riding for all you Clydesdale folks.
Here’s a video of the Bikke in action:

Would I recommend it?

Yes and No. Here’s why, The is Bikke fun, its perfect for those that don’t work too far. It’s great for scooting around on a college campus, going to Starbucks or the groceries. The Bikke is great for small errands but I cannot recommend it for commuting distances further than 6 miles. It does not climb hills well at all. I found out the hard way and ended up having to walk up a hill with the Bikke in tow. Another reason why I can’t fully recommend it, the price. At $379 the Bikke is not cheap, you can buy a nice commuter bike for that money. I wouldn’t recommend it as a daily commuter, but its perfect for small trips to the store or school.

For More Info Visit Trikke’s SITE

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0 thoughts on “Trikke Bikke-Review”

  1. Gil Martinez says:

    What kind of accessories are available for the Trikke Bikke. Can you add training wheels for young kids? Are there any weight restrictions?

  2. Randy says:

    I had the privilege of testing out the Trikke and was definitely impressed with it. You would definitely catch a few eyes when riding this bike down the road. I wish I had one.

  3. Priscilla says:

    Who’s that hottie in the cool full face helmet?

  4. John Frankling says:

    I live in England and came across a trike bikke on Ebay and guess what…I bought it because i love things that are just different from the main Stream. Anyway, Yes the bike is very lite in weight and have found that in order to get the best perfomance from it you need to have the tyres pumped up to their 80 pounds of pressure..Crikey i thought but i did it anyway. I weight in at about 160 pounds and found that the bike manages my weight sort of ok but would not recomend anyone more heavier than me. I have not run the bike long enough to test how far it will go before the battery runs out but i have used it continuously for about 50 minutes and still showed no real signs of giving up so top marks on that side of things. The quality of build is excellent. People just stare when you fly past with your feet not doing anything to make it power along and if you are just going slow enough people will say something like..Wow! is that electric, where did you get it from??
    I have found that my son who weighs a measily 5 stones really accelerates on the thing and says that it just never wants to run out of power after me and him and my other little boy go out together for a ride. I let him ride the trikke most of the time now as i have bought a City Mantis eletric folding scooter. I also have a Xootr EX3 electric scooter which has taken a third place since i bought the trikke and the City Mantis. My next thing on the agender will be a Segway hopefully.

    The scores for the Trikke Bikke are..

    Build quality = 9 out of 10

    Battery life = 10 out of 10 (so far)

    Cost (Paid £100 on Ebay) = 10 out of 10

    Fun Factor = 8 out of 10

    Would i recommend one….Yes if you are a lite weight!!

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  7. tom says:

    I don’t see much point in Trikke making an electric version. There are plenty other tiny electric vehicles already available. And when I heard there would be a motorized Trikke, I thought it would still be 3-wheeled. They need to motorize a regular Trikke for people to get up the hills.

  8. Skip Scepurek says:

    I aggree with Coment #21 I just (Been riding 3 days got the T12 Roadster Trikke and am trying to get it Motorized. It’s great fun down any grade or even on the flat, But up hill you walk! it would so much more fun if it would just go (Even at a slow walk pace up the inclines) up a bit :’)

  9. Tricia says:

    What brand/make of helmet is the full face you are wearing?

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  11. Martin says:

    I don’t see much point in Trikke making an electric version. There are plenty other tiny electric vehicles already available. And when I heard there would be a motorized Trikke, I thought it would still be 3-wheeled. They need to motorize a regular Trikke for people to get up the hills

  12. Robert Kaiser says:

    Anyone who has any information on locating a battery for the Trikke Bikke, please let me know. I have one but the battery won’t recharge anymore, or I have a different problem that I have not figure out yet. The company will not even discuss the Trikke Bikke anymore and will not give any information about how to get batteries. They once inadvertantly gave me the name and telephone number to the battery manufacturer in China, but when i called them they said they were under contract not to talk with customers directly. I have lost that name and number, It has been years. Is there a TRIKKE Bikke owners club somewhere? It is such a cool device and strange that they are being so evasive about parts and repair, other than saying they don’t sell it or service it. Please help or direct me to help if you can.

  13. vincent dutton says:

    I have the trikke bikke but I need a charger anyone out there?

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