Bless your bike!

Blessing of the Bikes

Religious leaders from different faiths will bestow blessings for safe cycling as they bless bicycles and cycling gear. They will also recite names of those injured recently in cycling accidents and ask for a moment of silence
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So I thought I’ve seen it all. The question is, which of my 11 bikes should I take to have it blessed???

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0 thoughts on “Bless your bike!”

  1. RL Policar says:

    If you had 12 you could be known as Moises and his 12 Bicycles…Kinda like Jesus and his 12 Disciples….

    Ah nevermind, it was funnier in my head!

  2. How bout your pink bike Moe? You know..the one with the sparkle tassles and banana seat. 🙂

  3. Moe says:

    You mean the Princess one??? Good Idea!!!

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