Dang man…freakin' Gas Prices

!@#$%^&* Gas Prices

I drive and I ride my bike. I do spend more time in the car just because of life and when I am in the car, I hate the fact that I have to pay LOL up the @$$ for gas. Oh and another thing, I hate traffic!

This heat isn’t making things any better. Because of this humidity and super sucky heat, I’ve been driving to work. As I sit there in traffic, I shake my head in disapproval thinking….”I wish I rode my bike.”

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0 thoughts on “Dang man…freakin' Gas Prices”

  1. Heather says:

    I was riding my bike to work all of June. It was 33 miles round trip. Then in July, I got move closer to where I lived ( 6 mile or so round trip), but I fell off my bike and couldn’t ride for like 2 weeks do to the nice bruise on my hand that match where I hold my handle bars. Now I just found out I have Mono, so I have been taking the bus and driving, but I miss my bike. I am just to tired to ride. =(

  2. Never did I imagine the day would come that I was fired up becuase gas is down to $3.09 a gallon….what in the world?!?!?!?!?! Just sick. Yah with the recent heat wave I just can’t bring myself to sweat it out on my bike…missing it a lot. Hoping to get back on in another week or so when it cools down a bit.
    That totally sucks Heather..Hope you are feeling better.

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