Construction on PCH


Pacific Coast Highway is a famous roadway that runs along the California Coast. There has been construction along a section in South Orange County that has proved deadly for cyclists and pedestrians. As I walked inside my local burger joint, the news were on a story of a cyclist that was killed by a drunk driver on this stretch of this highway. As I was looking for the story at the Orange County Registry website, I found out that another cyclist was killed about 1 month ago and 2 runners were struck on April. What I found interesting is that most of the articles side with the motorists. (Click here for the article).
I’ve ridden this stretch of highway, you really have to be on your toes since the lane narrows and motorists really whiz by close to you. I think that the attitude is that as cyclists, we don’t belong on the highway and it is always our fault for ‘riding in front’ of a car.

As gas prices soar, you’ll think that the least thing a motorist can do is be sympathetic to cyclists. Maybe they are just angry that they are getting screwed at the pump and cyclists are not???

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0 thoughts on “Construction on PCH”

  1. Charles says:

    I agree with “articles side with the motorists” part. “…when she collided with a car driven by…” sounds like the old “repeatedly hit my fist with his face” bar fight defense ploy.

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