I hit a car…and they drove away

On my way home today I was cruising along a busy part of Brookhurst Ave. in Anaheim California. As traffic came to a halt, a silver Honda Accord blocked my path. I tried to manuever around the car by going as far right as I could on the street.

But that was a huge mistake, my front tire slipped on a puddle and I quickly fell.

On my way down to the ground, I hit the Honda Accord. I didn’t just tap the trunk, I hit it with some force, loud enough and hard enough to be heard and leave a mark.

Rather than the car stopping, he or she just drove off! Lucky for him or her since I don’t think my insurance would cover me hitting a car while I’m on a bicycle.

So here’s the damage…


This is where shaving my lower half of my legs is a benefit. It’s easier to clean and bandage.


By the way, the bike is ok!

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0 thoughts on “I hit a car…and they drove away”

  1. Moe says:

    I’m glad the bike’s ok!

  2. […] Crooked Cog’s very own RL Policar, editor of commutebybike.com, hit a car yesterday. And the driver didn’t even stop to make sure everything was ok… ridiculous. […]

  3. Check out the stubbles on your leg. You might want to hit that up with a lady bic.

    Good to hear that youre ok.

  4. Fritz says:

    I stupidly played wrong-way-sidewalk-cyclist yesterday, swerved around a utility pole, my messenger swung out and caught the pole and down I went.

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