So there I was, about 100 yards away from my office. I’ve been on the road for 17 miles and about an hour and twenty minutes, feelin’ tired, but good.

Just imagine there’s a cross walk where the bicycle is…

I hit the crosswalk button, I start riding accross and cars are making right turns in front of me, so I slow down. Then this moron starts honking at me!

I yell at him, “What are you doing! The cross walk is for me, not for you to drive through it!”

Then he gives me a few F-bombs, and a few middle fingers. And I respond by saying, “COME BACK HERE! LET’S SEE HOW TOUGH YOU REALLY ARE!”

The car pulls into the Shell station where I was at. He backs up and then parks his car, unbuckles his seat belt making it look like he was going to get out. So instead of riding off, I confronted the guy (probably not the smartest thing to do.)

I RUN to the guy and his car. I guess that Fight of Flight thing chose me to do the fight thing.

As I get to his car, he’s throwing down some big voiced F-bombs. I responded by yelling back and saying “Why the hell are you honking at me! I have the right of way, the cross walk was on for me to go accross, that doesn’t mean you can drive through it!”

He kept saying that I was travelling the wrong side of the street and that being a bicyclist I should know this. Keep in mind every other word out of his mouth is the F Word.

So by this time we go back and forth yelling and then I said the dumbest thing…

“Why you hiding in your car, come out here! Let’s see how tough you really are! C’mon…You think you’re all tough yelling at a bicyclist while your in your car! You’re nothing but a COWARD to sit there and argue with me and not back it up! You know I was right and you’re just an idiot!!!”

Again, F-bombs from the guy.

This whole time he won’t look at me in the eye. I’m about a good two feet away from his face, clearly in his personal space.

So then he revs his car, drives off with tires squeeling and F-bombs with the middle finger flying…

I get to my office fully razzled. I was ready to throw down! But I knew that probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do. Who knows the dude might have had a gun or what if he did get out of his car…

So what’s the moral of the story? Just ride away. I’m not the toughest looking or the buffest guy out there, so the best thing for me to do is just ride away, its not worth it.

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0 thoughts on “Coward…”

  1. ebee says:

    were you actually on the correct side of the road?

  2. At least you didn’t beat on his window with your pump like I did with one guy. I totally lost it.

    And I’m ashamed.

  3. Moe says:

    By the looks of your drawing, the driver is correct. You are traveling the wrong way, therefore, you are braking the law.

    According to the California DMV:


    * must ride in the same direction as other traffic, not against it.
    * must ride in a straight line as near to the right curb or edge of the roadway as practical- not on the sidewalk.
    * must make left and right turns in the same way that drivers do, using the same turn lanes.
    * may legally move left to turn left, to pass a parked or moving vehicle, another bicycle, an animal, or to make a turn, avoid debris, or other hazards.
    * may choose to ride near the left curb or edge of a one-way street.
    * may use a left turn lane. If the bicyclist is traveling straight ahead, he or she should use a through traffic lane rather than ride next to the curb and block traffic making right turns.
    * are lawfully permitted to ride on certain sections of freeways, when signs are posted. Be careful when approaching or passing a bicyclist on a freeway.

    Remember, bicycles are considered vehicles not pedestrians.

  4. RL Policar says:

    The photo doesn’t show where the cross walk is. But I was on the crosswalk and that car on the picture was just like the dude that was honking at me.

  5. Gordon says:

    RL, you left a very important detail out of your story… That was, what kind of car was he driving… It’s important to know what you’re dealing with, so I made this list:

    1) Minivan — Do all you want. The poor bastard driving a mini-van has little to no self esteem left and most likely will not engage you in a fight (for fear of ripping his Dockers).

    2) Hummer- This guy has something to prove and is chomping at the bit for a scene like this.. best to let him win and just ride away-

    3) Subaru– driver has to be a hippie or a lesbian- honestly, that’s really true… If it’s a hippie, go for it, their lack of meat in their diet can only mean good things for you, should it escalate into a full blown fight, they will be too weak to put in a good effort..If the driver is a lesbian, best let her on her way, no one wants to show up to work all bloody, and have to explain, honestly, what happened..

    4) Ford, Dodge or Chevy Full Size Truck (or anything with a NASCAR sticker on it)– Be very careful, they have a perhance for guns and small run-ins with the law. You don’t want to be guessing on this…. Best to let them drive off.

    5) Miata– (see #1)

    6) Anything with an AARP sticker on it.. Take your chances on grandpa and challenge him to a duel!

    (ok, i was just having fun, hopefully you laughed and didn’t get offended.. and if you drive a Hummer, um, RL put me up to this)

  6. RL Policar says:


  7. Snakebite says:

    I tend to be a man of much less words. I would have helped the dumbass from his car and then gave him whole new meaning to the term, “I want my mommy.” Thankfully, no one has done a similar thing to me. I tend to have a very short temper and move to actions rather than shouting. It does take a lot to get me going, though that would have, and I don’t try to provoke.

  8. RL Policar says:


    That has to be the funniest thing! Ok the car he drove was a brandnew Ford Fusion. So tell me O’Wise Gordon what say you about a Ford Fusion, what does your wisdom say about a fella that drives one of dem vehicular sins?

  9. […] Our friend Gordon posted a responce to my Coward posting. He goes into detail what type of drivers drive what kind of cars. I thought it was funny enough to share it with everyone. […]

  10. Feels great to have your heart pumping fast doesn’t it? Lets you kow you’re alive. The guy probably saw your shaved legs and thought that he could push you around. 😉 Glad to hear that you’re ok.

  11. Gordon says:

    Ford Fusion… Well, you know that wasn’t his first choice, no one would pick that card as their first choice… That being said, there are only three ways he could’ve found himself in a fusion:

    1) It was a rental.. Rental companies love Fords for some reason. If he was renting it, and from out of town, I doubt he be so bold on streets he doesn’t know.. But then again, everyone thinks we’re weenies riding our bikes (I always think of 40-year Old Virgin (the movie, not RL) when I ride to work.. Nontheless, I doubt he was renting it…

    2) Company car- Ah yes, the perks of either middle management for a lousy firm or worse, someone who drives a territory for work. That being the case, you definitely do not want to provoke anything with this guy. Why not? Cause you’ll be dealing with him all the time as he drives that same stretch all the time.. Even if you beat him up, he’d go home that night and plan for your demise (a la Neuman….Hello Neuman…..!) You don’t want that kinda trouble..

    3) Ok, the last way he could’v found himself in this car is that he really wanted a new BMW or maybe Infinit M or similar, but his wife nixed the idea, which is leaving him feel like a lesser man.. If this is the case, then definitely , without a doubt, take your chances with this guy.. If you find yourself losing, you could easily glance to the right and say, “oh man, your wife looks mad at you!”– He will turn in fear, dreading his wife and her glare, all the while, leaving himself open for a haymaker….

  12. Nick says:

    The bike-on-a-crosswalk is a tricky issue. There’s a great bike path on the west side of Manhattan, along the Hudson river, but the only way to get there south of 59th St. is by taking a crosswalk across the west side highway. So… what? Am I okay to ride on the crosswalk? Should I get off and walk my bike? If bikes aren’t supposed to ride on crosswalks, and are considered vehicles, then why is it a pedestrian-and-bike path?

    Things no one has bothered to think through. I say if you’re on a crosswalk, bike or no, you have the right of way over a turning driver.

  13. HH says:

    Reference to Nick: “The bike-on-a-crosswalk is a tricky issue”.

    I agree. I posed the question to traffic enginners in AZ because a bike path was designed to cross crosswalk. (They know its generally not great to have such a design, but the situation just doesn’t lend itself to anything else.) At least in AZ, they told me that it’s not out-lawed, but you are in a legal gray zone. If a car hits you in a crosswalk while you are on a bike, you have less rights than if you had been walking. In another words, if it ever goes to court, the judge can go either way on it.

  14. Nick says:

    It seems like city planners and lawmakers just group bicycles alternately with pedestrians and motor vehicles however is convenient. When they’re trying to get you out of the way, you’re a pedestrian, but when it comes to getting ticketed, you’re a vehicle. It’s a lousy double standard. The only way to make it better is if more people bike. My hope is that more activity and presence will foster the idea that bikes are in a category of their own, and can’t just be grouped with whichever is convenient for a particular agenda.

  15. dave says:

    1 what Moe said. You need to ride on the right side of the street, not in crosswalks and on sidewalks. Check for more information, or, for that matter, your state’s vehicle code. Yeah, the driver was a jerk, but if you cycle safely, you may live longer.

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  17. Tanya says:

    What are you doing on your bike in a crosswalk anyway? I don’t think that’s legal – if you are riding your bike through it and not walking it. But yeah the driver would probably not have been that much nicer if you were walking the bike either…

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  19. Yvon says:

    Sorry RL, Looking at the picture you provided the only way you could be in the right here is to dismount and walk your bike in that crosswalk. Car drivers still must yield to anyone in that crosswalk regardless of who is right or who is wrong.

  20. Robitj says:

    I say kill the driver…KILL HIM! KILL! KILL! KILL! AAAAHHHGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!…..sorry…got carried away….

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