Slow and Easy

When I first started commuting to my work in Fountain Valley, Ca. I would try to beat my time on reach ride. I used pretend that I was on a race everytime I got on my bike. On the same token, I was putting my self in more risk because I was weaving in and out of traffic, jumping on sidewalks and running across the street with my bike on my shoulders.

But when I kept reinjuring my hamies, I figured I’ll take it slow and easy. To my surprise, going at an easy pace only held me back by a few minutes.

Now that I am riding the RedLine 925, I’ve been going slower just to make sure I can stop at a light since the 925 is a Fixie. However, I can’t help but realize that ever since I’ve been cruising to and from work, not only am I more relaxed, I’m happier and it seems like my rides have a bit less trouble than before. Well except last Monday’s ride.

So here’s my advice, take it easy. Enjoy the ride!

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0 thoughts on “Slow and Easy”

  1. Bill says:

    The only things I have found that ever really made a difference in the amount of time I used in a commute are wind direction and whether traffic lights were green or red. I don’t run red lights; well, if it’s 0 dark:30 in the morning and no traffic but me on the road I will.

  2. Chris says:

    The fastest I’ve ever made my trip was 40 minutes, but that was in a nasty thunderstorm during which I just pushed with everything I had. Normally, though, it’s between 45-55 minutes, regardless of how hard I push.

    I like to ride harder on the way in than on the way home. Both the heat and my exhaustion from the day make me want to just take it easy. Plus, more good-lookin’ ladies in the park makes for a more scenic tour. 🙂

  3. Nick says:

    Doesn’t the RedLine have front and rear brakes? What are you worried about stopping for?

  4. RL Policar says:

    It does, but I don’t want to rely on them.

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