Military On Bicycles

I was surfing the net and came across these. I found them to be pretty interesting so I decided to share them with you guys.

Military Bicycles in World War II

WWII Bikes

Military Bicycles today


Huge difference!

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0 thoughts on “Military On Bicycles”

  1. RL Policar says:

    Do you guys even use those?

  2. Never seen them. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not being used.

  3. Travis says:

    I have seen them…. at the BX.

  4. KCBike.Info says:

    Military bicycles…

    Military bicycles


  5. Lani says:

    Cool! The first foldable bike and the first mountain bike! What would you consider the Navy’s….first cruiser bike?

  6. Pedaling Pete says:

    Load of CRAP!
    Sorry for shouting but neither bikes have or will be used by any organised military unit!
    Get your facts strait, sad that you buy into adverisement of Huffy-quality bikes!

  7. […] Military on Bikes One of our readers begs to differ on the use of bikes on the military. […]

  8. Gordon says:

    Actually, this is totally true.. in fact, I have seen Navy seals using similar bikes:

  9. gordon says:

    wow…my the link that i tried to post, which worked at first, is now posting to a totally different page (one with naked chicks, etc..)– sorry about that– Honestly, the link was PG rated i swear (if you copy and paste the address, it’ll work)… not sure, maybe Phun has some anti-linking code or something…

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