KHS Urban Xtreme First Impression

KHS Xtreme

If you read my previous post, today I got to ride a sweet bike. The KHS Urban Xtreme was a real pleasure to ride to work today. I installed a rear rack so I can use the Banjo Brothers Panniers, it’s too hot to ride with a messenger bag. I rode my 21 mile commute today, I got a good first impression of the bike.

KHS Xtreme

Here are the highlights:

The Bike is really comfortable to ride. Thanks to the carbon fiber fork and the regular pressure tires (I was running 70 psi in the rear and 60 psi in the front.), the bike ‘floated’ thru the cracks and rough terrain. The shifting was smooth and precise, the brakes worked very well and the handling was very predictable. I also loved the dual sided pedals that come with the bike.

KHS Xtreme

I didn’t care much for the handlebar grips. They were somewhat uncomfortable.

I’m looking forward to putting some good mileage on this bike, I can see myself riding it to the beach, charity rides and for errands.

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0 thoughts on “KHS Urban Xtreme First Impression”

  1. Steve says:

    I’m curious, now that you’ve ridden both, how the Urban Xtreme compares with your commute on the Urban-X (which I ride to work)? Thanks!

  2. Moe says:

    I found that the Xtreme’s ride was not as harsh as the Urban-X. They are both fast bikes, so I can’t really say that the Xtreme is a faster ride, but it is definately a more comfortable ride. As for looks go, I really dig both bikes. There are two things that the Xtreme is clearly superior to the Urban-X, and they are the trigger shifting and the pedals.

  3. Kenny says:

    Are the frames the same on the Urban X and the Xtreme? How much more money for the superior shifting and pedals? The carbon forks must be a big reason for the better ride.

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