This is exactly what we've been telling people…

University life can get pretty hectic. Important things like diet and exercise are left for later, along with chores and dirty clothes. However, there is one way for some students to get physical activity back into their university lives without adding to the workload. The solution is cycling.
For some students, cycling is the quickest, maybe even the cheapest, way to go. It is also by far, the healthiest choice for anyone. Not everyone can cycle to York simply because of the route they travel, but others do not realize it could save them both time and money.

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0 thoughts on “This is exactly what we've been telling people…”

  1. Nicole says:

    As someone who works on a university campus, I would have to say the best reason for biking to campus is to avoid the parking nightmare. Universities regularly oversell parking passes, so finding a spot is hit or miss at best. On the rare occasion that I have to drive to work, I’m instantly annoyed by the parking situation and think the whole time about how much quicker it would have been if I was on my bike.

    This, of course, is besides other reasons like money saved from not having to buy a parking pass, gas savings, ease and quickness of getting around campus, health benefits, etc.

  2. Varroa says:

    I was going to school and then working on a university campus for almost 9 years and I used my bike for most of that time. The university I was at was ontop of a mountain and parking was very limited. The ride was 9 km from my place with a 5 km off-road (or on-road on a highway) ride to the top. The best part of all was at the end of the day when I was stressed I got to ride down the mountain on the trails! 5km of downhill riding on either doubletrack or technical single track (there are about 6 different trails to choice from) was the best way to end the day!

  3. Nick says:

    I became a convert only after moving to NYC, but looking back, I wish I’d had a bike in college. I had to rely on friends with cars for rides, and it would have given me a degree of freedom that I wish I’d had.

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