Opinion About The Paratrooper

Montague Corporation states that the Paratrooper was developed for the US Marines. So why not get a Marine Sergeant from the Fourth Marine Corps District to give his opinion about it. Yesterday, my buddy Kharl rode the Paratrooper out to City Island had this to say.

Hey I just wanted to tell you how great the Montague Military bike was. From the moment I started riding the bike I felt the difference. The bike was lighter and more comfortable to ride. It was a lot easier to go up hills. I also have to give praise to the brakes. Every time I press the brakes they actually felt like a chute opening up from free falling. I hope I get a chance to ride it again.


Kharl Prophete

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0 thoughts on “Opinion About The Paratrooper”

  1. RL Policar says:

    WoW! I like how he said it.
    “felt like a chute opening up from free falling. “

  2. cheong says:

    Good reviews. Looking forward to your feedback when you use the paratrooper on dirt tracks or cross country.

  3. […] Montague Corporation’s Paratrooper is a full size folding mountain bike that is ready for action. This is a bike that is excellent out on the trails or as a daily commuter. On the trails, it felt rigid and responsive. While on roads it easily handled the acrobatic maneuvers I had to perform thru traffic. This is currently my choice of bike for my commute. It’s comfortable, rides well, and quick. Everyone that rode the Paratrooper fell in love with it instantly. The Paratrooper could even be airdropped. […]

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