Bicycle Movie Night

Bicycle Movie Night

The second annual Santa Cruz Bicycle Movie Night starts off with a Mystery Ride to the movies, starting downtown Santa Cruz at 5:30pm, at the corner of Cooper and Pacific. A ride, two great films, short bike films, bicycle valet parking, hot cocoa, great company — don’t miss this!

Geat way to bring the community together. Bicycle valet parking… Make sure you park my bike in the shade and watch the paint job! If you do, there would be a shiny quarter for ya.

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0 thoughts on “Bicycle Movie Night”

  1. Carl S says:

    Outdoor movies are really gaining popularity… There was a showing of Dawn of the Dead at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary last Friday night, and while not a bike specific gathering, it’s deffinatly another fun activity to do with your bike. Their outdoor movie season is over now, but, it should start up again in the spring.

    And I love it when places to valet bike parking… In San Francisco, there’s been a regulation for a couple of years now that any outdoor event that expects over 2000 people must have valet bike parking for at least 1% of it’s attendees. The SF Bike Colalition runs a lot of the valet services with voulnteers. They even do it for all of the Giants home games. It’s nice to be able to pedal to an event and not have to worry about paying for parking, or getting my seat stolen if I lock it to a pole. More:

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