Accessories Added

Do you find yours adding more and more accessories to your bike? When I first started commuting by bike, the first thing I just had to have was a saddle bag. Not really sure why. But I felt a need to get one. When I finally got one, I had to fill it up with who know what. They’re actually useful stuff like: spare tube, multi-tool, CO2 cartridge for my pump, cash, and a fix a flat (don’t know why I carry it since I have a spare tube). The next thing I added was the Genuine Innovation Second Wind MTB pump. After that was the Princeton Tec Eos Bike light. I just love that little bad boy. Last but not least is the Active Tunes I-Ride. Out of all these great accessories, a clip for my ID card came to be the most used item. Who knew that a $.30 item could make such a difference.


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0 thoughts on “Accessories Added”

  1. Nick says:

    I have one accessory on my bike: a front light. Minimalism is where it’s at. Plus, I don’t want to stand there for ten minutes every time I lock up, removing all the accessories that could be stolen.

  2. I’ve been fortunate enough not to worry about locking my bike. I just take it in my work.

  3. mick says:

    The new silver & black i-RIDE with black bracket and think black safety harness will look much better on that bike. We’ll send you one as soon as the production units are delivered in Jan.

    Happy holidays,


    Can’t wait to see it. Thanks Mick.

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