A Wild Ride

It is National Bike Month and here is another reason why I choose to ride my bike rather than drive: wildlife. I find it odd that after spending 3 days camping out with Boy Scouts and 3 days in the outdoors at Wildwood with ~70 fifth-graders, I had to get back on my bike and ride to work to see some wildlife. Granted, over the six days with several hikes through the woods we did see the remains of a deer that had been taken down by something (probably coyote) along with a handful of turtles and squirrels — not much else to report. May have had something to do with hiking with a group of 10 kids who weren’t very stealthy…

This morning I came into fairly close contact with the following:

…along with others that I didn’t keep track of.

Not bad. What do you see on the way to work that you wouldn’t see if you made the commute in your car?

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0 thoughts on “A Wild Ride”

  1. James says:

    I saw a deer on the way in this morning. It was in a fairly well developed area of town near a golf course and some private land adjoining it. If I had been in a car, he probably would have still been there in the grass, but I doubt I would have noticed him.

  2. Dan says:

    I’m often amazed at the debris on or next to the road. The other day I saw one of those reflectors from the middle of the road that had been ripped out – maybe by a snow plow. I see coins, bolts, shoes, glass, trash, magazines, food, and many other things. Hopefully, nothing gets into my tire.

  3. Fritz says:

    On my bike commute this morning I saw Rams, Impalas, some Beetles, a few Tauruses (Tauri?) and Mustangs and even a Jaguar! No Cougars or Spyders today, though.

  4. Bob says:

    DEER! In late January, I was able to ride for a week between snowstorms and ice on the roads. In southeast Idaho I considered myself lucky that it was just windy and cold.
    The first 4 minutes of my commute is downhill, very few houses on a windy road thats lined with trees. My fastest time down is 52 mph. I’ve slowed down this time of year because of the low light conditions and the possibility of a patch of ice, not to mention the ever present mule deer that hang out.
    On this particular morning it was around 10 degrees f. There is always a patch of ice in the downhill lane at a certain spot, that I watch for. My lights were on and I was on my way to work. As I approached the icy area I wandered into the oncoming lane thinking that I’d avoid the ice.
    As I was flying past the ice, my lights lit up 5 or 6 deer that were crossing the road from right to left, and I was in the wrong lane. They saw me about the time I saw them. I leaned right, they peeled out to the left, I came so close that I actually brushed the last one with my leg. SCARED the hell out of me and instantly warmed me up. For the next ten minutes I was on quite the adrenaline rush.
    Ducks and geese. Every morning I also see ducks and geese in a pond about 4 miles down the road. All and all not a bad commute really.

  5. Galvin says:

    I saw a deer on my way to work this morning also. It came out of the woods, coming right for me, I hit the brakes and he crossed the trail right in front of me. I didn’t think “what would happen if I hit this deer”, I thought, “how much is it going to hurt if this deer hits me.” Maybe he was seeking revenge for a friend hit by a car.

  6. Cyclo Kitty says:

    I spent last August riding around a large squished raccoon near the curbside. Poor guy didn’t even make it two feet. Too bad the city didn’t remove him because it took nearly three weeks for him to go from 3-dimensional to flat leather sleeve. Don’t even ask me about the smell.

    I hope this year I get to see some live animals.

    Besides squirrels.

  7. Apertome says:

    I see some of the things you mentioned above, and also a lot of chipmunks. They scamper across the bike path as I approach, darting into holes in the ground or just out of the way.

  8. JiMCi says:

    Every day I see mallard ducks and Blue Herons. This time of the year, I see (and hear) lots of migrating Canada Geese. A wild coyote used to hang in the woods adjacent to my workplace. I haven’t seen it in the last month.

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