Colorado Bike To Work Day

Remember, all, that Wednesday, June 27 is Colorado Bike To Work Day. Map out your breakfast station stops to maximize munchies while minimizing mileage.

Here’s a neat article about Bike Week festivities in Telluride, Colorado. Telluride is a laid back mountain town with a culture of outdoor recreation. When Daniel Murray moved to Telluride five years ago, he organized Bike Week events for the city and has watched participation grow. Via.

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0 thoughts on “Colorado Bike To Work Day”

  1. Nicole says:

    To add a plug for Fort Collins events: Here’s an article about Fort Collins events including the all-important breakfast station location information. And, for good measure, a link to the Fort Collins city website which has information about the whole week’s events.

    I hope to see my fair share of the estimated 3500 FC bike commuters tomorrow!

  2. Carolin says:

    I’m a daily City Park to Cherry Creek Commuter with a beef for all those folks out there today who are doing their One Day Of Biking For The Year:
    Next year, for Bike To Work Day, if I have a car, I’m driving!

    I am a bicycle commuter EVERYDAY. I love it. I do not have a car by choice. On normal mornings during the week, I pass everyday commuters like myself. The difference between these nice folks and the ones who do it once a year? The weeklies SMILE and say goodmorning. At the very least, return your smile or nod. This crew this morning was the rudest, most non-enjoying-what-they-were-doing I have ever seen. I couldn’t believe it and was so disheartened, felt rushed and crowded. I’ll bet many of them were late, just like when they drive. The point of cycling is to plan ahead, and leave room for enjoying your morning not riding up someone’s ass on the bike trail. I think they should try it more than just once a year, and maybe they would relax just a tad.

  3. Nicole says:

    Luckily, my experience has been that everyone’s just as happy and friendly on Bike to Work Day as every other day I bike to work. Maybe Fort Collins people are just happier than those Denver folk. 😉

    I was glad to see a lot more bike commuters out and about this morning — even quite a few families taking to the streets for a morning ride and some breakfast.

  4. Fritz says:

    Thanks for the comments! If anybody has photos from BTWD in Colorado please feel free to post links to them here.

  5. Nicole says:

    I wish I had thought to bring my camera on BTWD, and even more so to the cruiser ride last night. The cruiser ride began in Old Town and did a fairly complete tour (hour+?) before ending at New Belgium for a movie (and beer, of course, for those so inclined). There was awesome turnout — a couple hundred people I’d say. We were quite the scene biking around town last night. 🙂 I’m still kicking myself for not bringing a camera.

    The city bike coordinator also put together a great video of the gas pedal vs. bike pedal challenge (bike pedal won!). Hopefully they put it on the city website or YouTube.

  6. Mike says:


    Has anyone heard about “the Ride to Empower?” It seems like it might be a good deal and for a good cause, but I haven’t heard much about it.

    From what it sounds like, it is a getaway bike ride that takes place in California wine country along the same route that follows Lance Armstrong’s training for the Tour de France and is an all expenses paid trip. I guess the catch is that they want you to raise $4000 for their non-profit organization. But in my experience that isn’t much different from scheduling an expenses-paid bike trip through a travel agent.

    The non-profit also seems legit. It is for the Breast Cancer Network of Strength who also puts on the Walk to Empower on Mother’s day. I found out about the ride at

    Has anyone done this ride before, or does anyone have any information on this event?

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