Any folders in the fold?

Folding bike maker Dahon recently reported record sales for the first half of 2007, with unit numbers and revenue at all time highs for the small California company.

On my commute in the San Francisco Bay Area, I see a variety of folding bikes from Bike Friday, Brompton and other vendors, but I see more Dahons by far than any other bike. With public transportation also at record usage in the Bay Area, folding bikes are a popular option to deal with capacity issues on multimodal commutes. The people riding and toting these bikes are generally dressed “business casual,” though I see several men and women also riding them in more standard office wear. A couple of my co-workers ride Dahon folding bikes, keeping them in the trunks of their cars and using the bikes for lunch time rides or trips to local restaurants. Bike Hugger suggests using folders as part of a multi-modal commute with cars and the folding bike.

Are there any folding bike users here? What kind of folder do you have and how do you use it?

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0 thoughts on “Any folders in the fold?”

  1. mark says:

    I use a Montague Hummer, although I don’t use it for commuting. Several days a week I work out of a van, so I store the Montague in there to squeeze in a ride over my lunch break. Works really well. It’s got full sized wheels & folds/unfolds quicker than any other folder I could find, which was important on my lunch hour.

    I use a Marin hybrid for my commute on nice days when I’m in the office.

  2. Bikes says:

    I see very few folding bikes in Ottawa (Canada). Best I’ve had so far is the standard quick-release front wheel, but I’d definitely like to try a folding bike – could make my life significantly easier.

  3. gazer says:

    Fritz may have seen me – though our commutes are in opposite directions…

    Used to have a Dahon Speed P8.
    Now riding a Bike Friday New World Tourist.

    Bike/Train/Bike in the morning.
    Bike all the way home in the evening.

    The folders are great for events when I deviate from the normal commute and meet my wife or friends after work. The bike goes right in the trunk – no need for a bike rack! No need to worry about where I’m going to leave the bike overnight!

  4. Logan says:

    i have a dahon s1 singlespeed which I seldom ride on account of my long torso and the lack of an adjustable cockpit on the dahon. Otherwise I would be all about it. $100+ shipping and it’s yours…

  5. Fritz says:

    I saw a big bright yellow Hummer folding bike just last night. I was going to snap a photo of it but then I saw something even cooler.

    Anway, Montague’s not really my friend right now: They’re not having much luck persuading bike companies to use their “CLIX” quick release system, so now they’re trying to persuade federal regulators and state legislators to mandate their use as safety equipment.

  6. Adrienne says:

    I have just started using a Dahon Curve D3 (16-inch wheels, three speed Sturmey Archer hub) to commute part way by bike, part way by bus here in the Phoenix metro area. I had been using an older Huffy hybrid (affectionately called my “Urban Beater Bike”, still in service for shopping because it is so very functional and unattractive).

    I really like the Dahon. The one I chose is a simple tool, but perfect for what I need it for.

  7. enrique says:

    I own a 2007 Dahon Speed P8. Super easy to fold, and fun to ride. I’m new to bicycling and am trying to get out of a long slump of inactivity…wish me luck.

  8. Adrienne says:

    The Dahon Curve started _really_ earning its keep this morning when a Dial-a-Ride van appeared in place of my regular bus, which had broken down. No bike rack? No problem!

  9. Easy Rider says:

    Tip for buying a Dahon – go 20″

    The 20″ ones fold without having extra bits to carry. This makes it possible to carry the bike in one hand, negotiating doorways easily. This is good for safety as there are no brakes to check, wheels that could fall out or anything else easily overlooked. You kind of know if the frame has not been unfolded, or if the handlebars or seat are not where they should be.

    The 16″ wheel size is not that much smaller than the 20″ when folded, but it does suit the shorter rider. (5’2″ is about the smallest rider size for the 20″, any smaller and the bars are too much of a stretch. 6’4″ the tallest for the 20″ and the bike does suit tall riders.)

    The 26″ ones including the new Cadenza ride like proper bikes and have no weight penalty to complain about. If you have to store the bike in a small space or want a bike for the boot then they will do the job, but without the fun and folding function of the 20″ models. Get one and get hooked by folders – before you know it you will be wanting all the accessories too (special bag, travel case, dinky panniers…)

  10. I use a Mobiky Genius for the not-around-the-neighbourhood-errands (for which I use a normal 26” bike). I usually take it in the trunk of my car, then ride to the train station, take it on the train, then ride some more to my destination. Sometimes I also take it on the subway. One of the neatest things about this bike is that I don’t have to carry it around, it rolls beside me when folded. It’s nice for my back, and it gets even more practical when I use it to hold my purse or other bags. The fast fold is a big plus when getting in and out of bus, train, subway, shops, and so on. And finally, the bike is so cute and “different” that everybody looks at it (and subsequentially, me) with a smile. 🙂

  11. Moe says:

    I ride a pimped out KHS F20-R. I’ve ridden it to work, charity rides and on group rides to the beach. People usually snicker when they see the ‘little bike’, but when I’m able to keep up or drop them they usually tell me that they can’t believe how fast the bike is.

  12. Ivon says:

    I have a Brompton M6R Plus, and so far so good (one week hee hee). I live in NYC, so it works for me. I couldn’t afford a Ti one, but it folds nicely and I have it here at the office.

    If I didn’t need it to fold so small, I would have gotten a Bike Friday. I really like my Bromie though. *wink*

  13. Fritz says:

    Update about Montague’s CLIX quick release: It turns out the information I passed about their supposed involvement with New Jersey legislation is completely false. I asked Montague about this directly; they told me they had seen the comments on the Internet about the New Jersey quick release law, and completely denied any involvement or lobbying for that law.

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