2008 Raleigh One Way preview

Carey of Raleigh USA has posted some spy photos of the 2008 Raleigh One Way. Big changes from the ’07 model are a leather Brooks saddle and Brooks leather handlebar tape will come stock on this bike. The model bike is also a nice looking forest green.

2008 Raleigh One Way

Carey has posted several more photos of several different bikes from the 2008 catalog shoot over at Raleigh Commutes blog.

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0 thoughts on “2008 Raleigh One Way preview”

  1. Mike in Florida says:

    I really like the looks of the One Way. Of course, I liked the 2007 model, too. The problem is, the 2008 model appears to be EXACTLY THE SAME COLOR as my Gunnar. If I was a betting man, I’d say that’s “Sherwood Forest Candy Metallic Green”, not British Racing Green. Would I be a dork if I had two bikes that looked almost identical? 🙂


  2. sygyzy says:

    I can’t believe they are including Brooks tape and saddle standard. I guess we’ll pay for it in the price tag, but it’s such a classy move by Raleigh. It seems like they’ve come from nowhere to making headlines.

  3. That bike is just crying out for a Rohloff Speedhub. Or maybe the SRAM i9 hub if they would ever come out with a version for disk and/or rim brakes rather than the coaster-brake version they have now.

  4. Mike in Florida says:

    The rear fender seems a bit short to me. Is that because the frame has rear-facing horizontal dropouts?

  5. Fritz says:

    I think it’s just the perspective of the photo. Those look like standard SKS fenders.

  6. sygyzy says:

    Fritz, what’s the est. street price?

  7. Fritz says:

    The 2007 is over $600. I expect prices to go up for 2008, but I think we’ll know for sure at the end of September.

  8. Mike in Florida says:

    Oh I expect prices to go up quite a bit. I don’t know what the wholesale prices are on Brooks B17s and Brooks bar tape. Retail on what appears to be a pre-softened B17 is about a hundred bucks, and Brooks bar tape is 50 bucks retail. I wouldn’t be surprised if Raleigh brought the One Way in at 800 bucks or so.

  9. Fritz says:

    The price increase might be less than you expect — I’m told that the difference between Brooks retail and wholesale is significant.

  10. CJ says:

    That bike is looking very nice. Raleigh looks like they have their finger on the pulse of what is going on in the bike scene. Kick ass!!

  11. Dave P says:

    I would order one now if it was vegan.

  12. Barry says:

    I want one! I’ve been vacillating between the 925 and the One Way for the past month now (having decided that it’s too hard to find that perfect 70-80’s road frame to build up and that a Kogswell would be too much in the end), but now the choice is clear. I don’t like the new paint and the bullhorns on the 08 Redline, while the changes to the One Way are all to the good. I do agree an internal geared hub would be great. Why won’t anyone make a good internally geared road bike?

  13. tom says:

    i have a 2007 one-way and have not been happy with the design. the biggest design mistake is the location of the rear canti braze-ons; they are mounted too high on the seat stays. the cantis are at the bottom of the adjustment and you can’t move the wheel back any further. adding a brooks and leather tape doesn’t change the rear brake faux pas.

  14. Robin says:

    i got a 2007 raleigh one way while living on the NC coast and it rode nicely. I just moved to Asheville NC and the mountains are a bit difficult for a singlespeed. I had a larger gear put on by a bike shop and that helps. I am new to the commuting world and am looking for insight on how to make this a positive experience. My commute is between 4 and 7 miles one way. Thanks

  15. Fritz says:

    Hi Robin, besides the gearing that you fixed, is there a specific thing you’re looking for to improve the commute? Is it a comfort thing, or convenience, or… ?

  16. Robin says:

    i think that my options as they are now is to get another bike that is geared for the mountains(no pun intended). the hills on the commute are just a bit too much for a single speed.

  17. CO says:

    As Tom noted, my 2007 One Way also has a major flaw with the Canti’s being welded too high on the seat stays. You can only adjust the brake pads to the rims if the axle is snug up inside the horizontal dropouts, otherwise, the brake pads (even when readjusted down) will rub up against the tire. So if you plan on flipping the wheel to take advantage of a larger cog, then you have to add a link to your chain. Bad jig/design? Raleigh has not responded to my emails so I assume this is the way it was intended. Bad customer service?

  18. rohmen says:

    Just talked to an LBS about ordering a 2008 one way. He said the price will go up by about $60 or $70 at most over the 2007 model. Not bad considering the brooks saddle and tape.

  19. Brett says:

    In regaurds to the fender being too short, my guess is because it has horizontal dropouts. If it was full length it would be a pain in the ass to get the rear wheel out in the event of a flat.

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