Gary Fisher commuter bike spy photo!

Trek World is the big show in Madison Wisconsin for dealers to learn about Treks new products and plans for world domination. Arleigh the bike mechanic and Guitar Ted both went and snapped lots of bikey photos. Dr. Logan noticed this prototype of a Gary Fisher Commuter bike in Arleigh’s photostream.

Here’s what Guitar Ted writes about this bike:

Fisher was showing off two prototype “townie” type bikes with a retro-ish/hand made flair. Sporting wrap around chain guards, full fenders, and internal gearing, these bikes were quite different and maybe even a bit out of place at the show.

I got a chance to chat briefly with Gary Fisher himself and I asked about these bikes. Were they something that Fisher will actually produce? I got a resounding “Yes!” in answer. It seems that we will most likely be seeing more of this type of utilitarian, work bike coming from Trek and Fisher in the future. I applaud Trek and Fisher for making an effort in this area and the bikes are certainly looking great so far.

In fact, I might even go so far as to say that they look every bit as cool as anything from the North American Hand Made Bicycle Show, where these would have been right at home.

It reminds me also of several commuter-style bikes that I saw at the North American Handbuilt Bike Show this year. This bike sports Shimano’s Alfine shifter, Bontrager Satellite Plus reflective sidewall tires, a huge basket on the front, separate fender and rack mounts on front and rear (!) — including mid-fork mounts for the front rack, leather saddle and handgrips, full front and rear fenders and a chainguard. Trek’s designer sensibly put a forward facing rear fork end on this bike for easy rear wheel removal.

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0 thoughts on “Gary Fisher commuter bike spy photo!”

  1. Mike Myers says:

    I like the Gary Fisher bike. It looks pretty labor intensive, though. The basket will be expensive to manufacture as is, and the painting and detailing on the basket alone will take some time. I can see Fisher simplifying the basket design. It will make a heck of a nice grocery bike.

  2. Arleigh says:

    Hopefully my latest post will help some.

  3. Barry says:

    Looks an awful lot like a Kogswell P/R…

  4. bigD says:

    Rumor has it that they should hit stores by Jan. 1! $399 and $699 for the 3 speed and 8 speed versions.

  5. Fritz says:

    THanks for the comments, all. It’s almost an identical twin to the Kogswell bike.

  6. Treadly & Me says:

    Well, it’s good news that the manufacturers are giving a bit more attention to the utility cycling end of the market. And call me weird, but I reckon that’s a pretty sexy machine there…

  7. Fritz says:

    This bike is apparently called The Simple City.

  8. Arleigh says:

    I’m surprised no one commented about the new Soho — this is a big hit in my mind. Looks a ton like the swobo bike.

  9. Mike Myers says:

    I like the new Soho, but it’s not the kind of bike I need. I want something that I can outfit with a rack and fenders. The Soho looks to me like it would be a lot of fun to bomb around town on, but carrying stuff would be a stretch.

  10. Arleigh says:

    the bike has mounts for racks.. for fenders I would say something that is made for a road bike should work. You can’t really run a huge tire, but it still is pretty kick arse in my mind.

  11. John Allison says:

    Looks like an ideal machine — though doesn’t a front rack, especially one that big, make for lousy handling? Let’s hope it is optional, or at least removeable. I applaud the chain guard — i currently ride the Trek L200, available in U.S. for only a couple of years, with a complete Dutch-style chain guard. It’s a hassle to take on and off for maintenance, but some kind of chain guard is essential for me

  12. velodesigner says:

    It looks nothing like the Kogswell P/R. Granted I am debating subtleties but simply because it is a Simple 700c city bike frame with fenders and a front rack???? The Kogswell has a riser Ahead stem, derrailleurs, different bars, etc. The front rack and fender flaps are completely different too. Saying they look alike would be like saying the Kogswell bike looks like every American city bike from the seventies which is to say that the Fisher, the Kogswell, some Vanilla’s, the new Nirves, most of the Breezers and all of the Schwinns from the seventies are American City bikes.

  13. bikecommutr says:

    I can see myself getting run off the road on this bike. As others have stated, isn’t that seat a bit too high for commuting?

  14. Mike Myers says:

    Bikecommutr—why would someone run you off the road on this bike? Because it has a basket? I don’t think that would make it any more of a target. Don’t think the seat’s too high on the Fisher—but it is on the Masi.

  15. velodesigner says:

    if you are getting run off the road while riding I would seriously contact your local government..alderman are a great place to start or city council. You would be suprised how much attention could get because those folks are often looking for a neighborhood cause to support. Of note, places with great bicycle influence and awareness, like Madison, WI, Chicago, Marin and the Twin Cities, have people who are very active in their community promoting bicycle friendly initiatives.

    Remember, the goal isn’t to polarize drivers (critMass) it is to show others that bicycling is fun, practical and healthy. I cannot state enough that the more drivers see people riding bicycles the more they are curtious and the faster that they themselves might see themselves riding a bike on the roads!

    If all else fails, move to Madison!

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  17. Amy Walker says:

    Being higher off the road is apparently safer for shoulder checking – and to learn more about how that beautiful basket will affect the ride, check out what the Ecstatic Mechanic has to say:

    “Matthew Grimm, of Kogswell Cycles, recently came up with a new tag line for his website: the fork IS the frame. No, he’s not confused; Grimm is talking about Kogswell’s latest offering: the much hyped and ballyhooed Porteur/Randonneur frame. Specifically, he’s talking about the fact that, upon buying a frame, a customer may choose from three different forks, depending on the application planned for the new ride. The only physical difference between the three forks is their rake, or offset.”

    Read more from the here:

  18. dbbikes says:

    Confirmation out of Trek today that the bike will ship Feb. 1st! They upped the pricing by about 100 dollars. And it sounds like the basket will be included with the 8 speed model but will NOT be available aftermarket. Expect limited availability too.

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