Shot in Seattle

Peter McKay is a wonderfully positive bike commuter in the Seattle area. He was on his regular bike commute from Bellevue, Washington last Thursday night when a random thug shoots him in the chest with BBs that were apparently shot from a .22 handgun. Peter then blogs about this experience from his hospital bed!

Personal safety while cycling was one of the more common requests in my “Ask the Experts” open forum. I’ve been researching this issue and will have an article on this topic completed soon. I’ve interviewed local police, a martial arts expert, and my dad. My dad was a crisis management consultant who specialized in protection of VIPs and company executives in high risk locations. When my friends were learning to drive, my dad was teaching me anti-terrorist driving techniques like spinning the car 180 degrees while driving in reverse from the passenger seat. I hope to have this article ready later this week.

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0 thoughts on “Shot in Seattle”

  1. Mary says:

    Something similar happened here last week – but I believe the boy (he was 16) was shot with a handgun in the leg while riding.

    Here’s a link:

    I live in Norfolk – Chesapeake is a nearby city.

  2. CJ says:

    Crazy…now not only does the urban cyclist need to buy expensive cycling specific clothing to commute in, now we have to buy a bullet proof vest too.

    Well, I am sure that on a statistical stand point these shootings are very rare. But it still makes one leary about car load of teens. I have been yelled at more than a few times since the school year started about 12 weeks ago. It seems that 16 year olds in a car just have to yell out the window as they pass a bicycle commuter. Now, how do we get the driving age increased to 21!!!

    Peace out

  3. Ghost Rider says:

    “When my friends were learning to drive, my dad was teaching me anti-terrorist driving techniques like spinning the car 180 degrees while driving in reverse from the passenger seat. ”

    I want to learn more about THAT!!! Holy cow, that sounds cool.

  4. Quinn says:

    I have heard of/know of a few commuters that carry 32-minis and the like, I wonder how easy it would be to get ahold of some Kevlar? enough for a chest or helmet cover.

  5. Fritz says:

    Evasive driving: I exaggerate just a little. My dad never actually me practice the reverse 180 (or any other move) from the passenger seat; just the driver’s seat.

    That tostopapredator link looks good, Dan.

  6. Dan says:

    Thanks Fritz. I put my heart and soul into it. If I can keep one person safer, I’ll be satisified. Things are getting bad:(

  7. iAN says:

    Recently I made the decision to give up my dependency on the automotive commute. I made the decision to localize my lifestyle by riding my bike everywhere that I possibly could. San Diego traffic, gas prices, insurance rates, countless parking tickets are just a few reasons for me GOING GREEN. I had the pleasure of speaking with Sami Tauber, CEO of Bikewear World the other day. Her sincerity and passion to help San Diegans become more environmentally and health conscious really confirmed my own desire to stop contributing to oil dependency, air pollution and a host of other negatives related to driving and start Biking!

  8. fat bike racer says:

    Don’t carry a 32 mini, there are plenty of compact .45’s out there or even .357’s. 32’s will only piss people off, you need to stop their driving ability with one shot. .45 is preferred since it tends to penetrate windows with less deflection.

  9. Mary says:

    Ha…just thought I’d update you all on this. The kid that was shot in the leg in Chesapeake, VA, evidently shot himself. He’s been charged with filing a false police report:

  10. Alex Castner says:

    So…is the article mentioned above regarding personal safety by Mr. Masoner available anywhere?

    I’m a newbie bike commuter and would love some practical tips on what todo regarding personal safety.

    I am blessed to have a crushed clay tow path (DCNR Yardley-Bristol PA) about a mile from my house that goes all the way into work. Its about 11 miles one way and I only spend about 1 mile of it in the company of auto’s the remainder of which are in the woods. Here’s the downside to biking in an isolated area. During my ride, now that the foliage is almost gone, I can see a few “camps” of homeless folks out in the woods. I usually have mace with me and a rock or stick, but that seems like it might, if something came up, be very ineffective.


    Alex C.

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