Ideas Wanted For Holiday Gift Lists

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I can’t tell you how relieved my family was when I took up commuting by bicycle. Finally, they had something they could use as a foundation for gift ideas for someone who had been a rather elusive person to buy a present for. So, last Christmas I received many bike-ish gifts. I’ve started working on a list of ideas for them for this year, including a tire gauge that works on Presta valves… What about you? What are you hoping your loved ones will get you for Hanukkah, Christmas, Festivus, etc.? Give us a description and a link … you can then refer others to this post or check back and get some specific ideas to pass along.

Here, I’ll get the ball rolling with this Solar Powered Cyclist Kinetic Sculpture Lamp

Wish List

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0 thoughts on “Ideas Wanted For Holiday Gift Lists”

  1. Noah says:

    Last year, it was going like gangbusters. It resulted in several gift certificates to bike shops, which I suppose is thoughtful enough. While I really would like a pair of Trek Interchange all-weather panniers (to the tune of $100 each) or a DiNotte 140R Tail light to match my DiNotte 200L Headlight (to the tune of $170) I don’t think I’ll be asking for a lot of bike stuff this year. Plus, now that it’s winter time, I’d have to buy another rack for my winter beater to make use of the panniers, and my shorter winter-mode commute to the bus doesn’t really call for a brain-dazzling blinky.

    I suppose some Sweetskinz Rattlebacks (in mountain bike tread) would work. So cheesy, but reflective sidewalls and seemingly good snow tires would serve me well as soon as I got them.

    I’m sure there will be some bike-themed non-bike-usable gifts somewhere. Bring on the bicycle chain picture frames, etc.

  2. Craig says:

    Great idea for a thread.

    Having just purchased a NiteRider MiNewt.x2 with my birthday gift certificate, and being absolutely blown away with how much of an upgrade it was over the $30 piece of crap I was using, I will put high output LED lights (NiteRider, Dinotte, whoever) at the top of the list. I too am thinking a Dinotte taillight would be good.

    Gift certificates to Nashbar, Jenson, REI also are good ideas.

    But what I really want (and won’t be getting this year) is a custom built Joseph Ahearne commuter. That link is to a mixte frame which I wouldn’t get, but check out that sweet front rack. Anyway, if you truly love the biker in your life, hook ’em up with a custom builder.

  3. Nicole says:

    I just put the Delta indoor 2-bike gravity rack on my official wishlist a couple days ago. Living in a small apartment, smart gear storage solutions are always on my wishlist. 🙂

  4. Quinn says:

    #1, and most specific, on my list is a Bike Trainer. IM looking at some Crank Bros. Smartys, and lastly Carbon for my Kona Jake.

  5. Shanyn says:

    I am dying for a Down-Low glow! I saw this bad-boy in use 2 blocks ahead of me on an inky-black night (no moon) and was blown away at the visibility!

  6. Jay Parkhill says:

    An endorphin necklace. I wish I was a girl so I could wear it!

  7. Fritz says:

    Books are on my list, primarily Bob Mioske’s new book on cycling and the law and Lennard Zinn’s bike maintenance books.

    Clothing’s always nice, I suppose, though cyclists tend to be pretty picky about their riding clothes.

    For those who are so inclined, I have my eye on the Bike Friday Tikit. I tried it last weekend and I’m in love!

  8. Mike Myers says:

    I bought my first wool jersey last year. I’d always bought into the “newest and greatest” synthetic materials. Boy, was I wrong. A good wool jersey replaces two layers of synthetics, and doesn’t have to be washed after every wearing. Now I have four Portland Cyclewear jerseys and a Fox wool jersey—and I told my girlfriend and family more wool. A short sleeve wool jersey and a pair of arm warmers is pretty much all I need where I am in Florida—and sometimes a shell. Wool should be part of every cyclist’s wardrobe, IMHO.

  9. Ari says:

    It’s no longer on my list, but maybe you’d like it on yours: the iHome iH85b audio speaker for bicycles. I just posted a detailed review. Take a look:

  10. Knuckles says:

    Color me boring, but gift cards to REI are right up my alley this year. I’ve got a plan in the back of my brain to ride the C&O/Allegheny trails from DC to Pittsburgh next summer, and I would need a whole new load of gear that I don’t currently have. I am also jonesing for an SS commuter style bike (San Jose, Pompino, etc.) maybe in the spring when bonuses get paid and some possible IRS refunds, and REI would help with the pedals, seat bag, and other sundries.

    However, if there are any benevolent rich folks out there who want to make my year, a Ritchey Breakaway would certainly be put to good use with the European travel I’ll be doing next summer!

  11. Kevin says:

    UNICEF will provide a bicycle to health care workers in poor countries for use as transportation. The donation is $40 (where do they get a bike at that price?) The web site is Click on Immunizations.

  12. Quinn says:

    I wonder if we can just donate a bike?

  13. Kim says:

    If you’re going to get music for your bike, go big or go home!

    Certainly not for weight weenies or rims with less than 200 spokes.

  14. Fritz says:

    Thanks for the inspired gift idea, Kevin. The Bike Africa people I’ve talked with running similar programs tell me they can import heavy duty bikes into Africa from India for about US$100, so I imagine their must be matching grants and in-kind donations involved also.

  15. justfrank says:

    Maybe I’m a little late, but I compiled all these charitable organizations on our blog last fall at Interbike. Some of your readers may find them useful ( I like, where for $109 you can sponsor standardized bicycles (rather than recycled ones), that in some cases can be manufactured locally, and are easy to maintain and repair.

  16. Fritz says:

    Thanks Frank. I fixed the World Bicycle Relief link for you. When I talked with them before, they told me the bicycles are actually manufactured in India because the parts of Africa they work with simply have no bicycle manufacturing ability at all.

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