Noah's 15 minutes

Commute By Bike’s own Noah D is momentarily famous. He made the news in Kansas City, Missouri.

For Noah Dunker, it started last year when a car part broke down. The Lenexa resident tried to order a replacement, but discovered there was a backlog that would delay its arrival for several months.

“I live three miles from a bus stop,” Dunker explained. “I decided to buy a bike and just ride to work.”

It’s a good article discussing the bike convoy he leads and even points to his KC Bike blog. Read more at KSHB TV News. The video of the story really demonstrates the brightness of the blinky lights that Noah and his friends use.

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0 thoughts on “Noah's 15 minutes”

  1. Ghost Rider says:

    “Cause we gotta little ol’ convoy, rockin’ through the night
    Yeah we gotta little ol’ convoy, ain’t she a beautiful sight?
    Come on an’ join our convoy, ain’t nothin’ gonna git in our way
    We’re gonna roll this cyclin’ convoy, cross the USA
    Convoy… Convoy… ”

    Noah, can I have your autograph? Cool exposure!

  2. Noah says:

    This week’s events in Kansas City are simply amazing. The guy who runs the bike week website literally said he has to choose which of the 27 bike week events he wants to go to today.

    Twenty. Seven. Events. One day.

    And that’s not even half of the events this week.

    It sounds like most of the riders from my convoy are going to join me tomorrow as well.

  3. tad says:

    Noah et al., congrats, you guys looked awesome on that video. I bet from far away your convoy is mistaken for a UFO. (=

    Maybe there will be a followup story this Summer!

  4. Otter says:

    50 pounds! That’s awesome. I am sure it got more people thinking about biking to hear that from a regular guy. Sure, Lance Armstrong commutes by bike too, but you don’t have to be a world class athlete to do it, right? I am glad to see such a positive face put on commuting by bike.

  5. Noah says:

    I don’t watch my weight too much, but about twice a month I weigh in. Last night, I found out that about half of that winter 20 pounds has finally melted off. I was 240 when I started, got down to 190 last summer, bulged up to 210 or so over winter and I’m finally on my way back out of the Clydesdale club again.

    Although, they say: “Once a Clyde, always a Clyde”

    I really didn’t get out of my winter multi-modal bike/bus commuting mindset until the beginning of May. Since then, I’ve finally kicked it into high gear. This was a brutal winter with a long string of short rides. My legs are finally starting to wake up. If I keep things up the way I have been, this will be a 600 mile month with over 500 commuting miles, almost double what I rode last month. Maybe I can get far away enough from 200 pounds that my next winter bloat doesn’t push me back there again.

  6. bikesgonewild says:

    …noah…beyond all the details, you’ve taken responsible steps some folks will never even consider in their lifetimes, never mind achieve…as a commuter, as a healthy individual & as a contributor to the collective consciousness…

    …may your ***15*** be extended as you positively influence others…

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