June is Colorado Bike Month

June is Colorado Bike Month

To celebrate bicycling for transportation, fun and health, Colorado has designated each June as Bike Month. At the same time, Colorado joins a nationwide effort to encourage cycling novices and enthusiasts to experience the fun and freedom of safely riding a bike to work, school, errands and recreation

While there will be many events around the state throughout the month, the highlight of the month is Bike to Work Day when employees leave their cars at home and enjoy bicycling to work. The number of Bike to Work Day participants has risen steadily since 1995, and due to the popularity of bicycling in Colorado that trend is expected to continue this year.

For more information:

I couldn’t find local resources on bike to work day or bike month in Pueblo, anywhere in Weld County, Grand Junction, or the Bicycle Friendly Community of Durango. If you know of Bike Month or Bike to Work Day resources for these cities or elsewhere in Colorado, please feel free to post a link in the comments.

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0 thoughts on “June is Colorado Bike Month”

  1. PushingWind says:

    Thanks for the write-up! I work at a “major” telecommunications company in downtown Denver. I’ve been commuting by bike and bike/transit since 2001.

    Took up the role of company Bike-To-Work-Day coordinator during my spare time back in 2005 when the former coordinator “disappeared”. We had 147 riders in 2007 even though no showers were available. We expect to reach our new goal of 175 riders easily with gas prices going up $0.10 a week for the last 8 weeks. $3.89 is the lowest price I’ve noticed in the suburbs.

    My over 35 mile roundtrip takes me along the scenic Platte River bike trail. This makes for a nice start and end to any day.

    The bummer is that our company eliminated the gym and showers during 2006. I have some info on low-cost “camping” showers in the bathroom for those NOT faint of heart or easily embarrassed.

    ride on.

  2. Kevin C says:

    Check out the following ‘Map My Commute’ widget that you can use to promote Cycling to Work!


  3. Michaela says:

    Boulder, Colo., holds its very own Walk & Bike Month in June, and the town is hosting a month’s worth of activities that range from bicycle maintenance classes, to hikes, to bike rides, to concerts and even film viewings. There is something for everyone, all culminating in Bike to Work Day on June 25. There is no excuse to not leave your car behind and get out there on your feet at least one day in June!

    For a full list of activities, visit http://www.communitycycles.org. For more information about Walk & Bike Month in Boulder, contact Sue Prant, WBM director, at bikesue@gmail.com.

  4. ben says:

    I’m happy to report that Colorado Bike Month is in full swing here at FRII in Fort Collins. I’ve been pointing everyone to this site to get some resources for biking, since it’s a wealth of awesome.

  5. Karen says:

    Family Resource Center is hosting a Bike Rodeo on June 19th at Logan County Fair Grounds in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce Outdoor EXPO. We are inviting children to bring a bike, a helmet and a parent to enjoy a day of learning biking skills and receiving information about safe biking. 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.

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