The Bike Trailer List

We’ve decided to start compiling and organizing a list of available and unavailable bike trailers. We are breaking down the list into categories such as Bike Child Trailers, Bike Cargo Trailers and Bike Pet Trailers. This list is part is part of our Fixer-UP Bike Trailers series of posts. These posts will address fixing up Bike Trailer hitches, hitch arms, wheels, covers, etc.

Note that this list is a work in progress. We will be updating it as we’ve got the time and information. we plan on inputting as much information about models and company details for all of these trailers. Please be aware that with many of the less available trailers, it is very difficult to find any information at all. As this list is a work in progress, please let us know if there are any trailers that we’ve left of, miscategorized, etc.

Bike Cargo Trailers:

Bike Cargo Trailers are any trailer designed specifically for carrying cargo.

At our post, Bike Trailer List: Bike Cargo Trailers, we’ve categorized single-wheeled bike cargo trailers, flatbed bike cargo trailers, enclosed bike cargo trailers and specialty bike cargo trailers.

Have a look at our post all about bike cargo trailers or take a look at a great lineup of available bike cargo trailers at the

Bike Child Trailers: (Currently Available)
Burley: Bee, Solo, Encore, d’Lite, Cub
Baby Jogger
Chariot Carriers: Cabriolet, Corsaire XL, Cheetah1, Cheetah2, Cougar1, Cougar2, CX1, CX2, & SideCarrier
: 535, 525 & 737
Dreamer Design
Equinox Trailers
Master Cycles (Wal Mart)
Quick n EZ (Target)
Schwinn Trailblazer, Mark 2, Mark 3, Runabout, Schwinn Joyrider, Schwinn runabout
Tout Terrain Singletrailer, Streamliner
Winther: Dolphin

Bike Pet Trailers (Currently Available)
Burley Tail Wagon
Croozer: Dog, Mini
Doggy Ride
Equinox Trailers
Pet Ego

Trailer Cycles: (Currently Available)
Morgan Cycle
Roland Werk GmbH
Wee Ride

Long Haul Bikes: (Currently Available)

Bike Child Trailers: (No Longer Available)
Burley: Honey Bee
Chariot: Caddie
JD Razor
Norco USA
Rhode Gear
Yakima: (TOT Rod)
Winchester Original

Trailer Cycles: (No Longer Available)
Burley: Picollo, Kazoo

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10 thoughts on “The Bike Trailer List”

  1. Tom says:

    All you really need is ingenuity and some tools. A welder being the most useful. I had thought about buying a manufactured trailer but have since decided I am building one from scratch using plans from The greater challenge comes when the trailer isn’t steel, as welding aluminum requires a much more expensive welder and greater skill. Where’s your storefront in Flag? I live in Phoenix and I’ve been to Flag quite a bit but only just recently found this blog and heard of your shop.

  2. Josh says:

    Hey Tom, Thanks for checking in on the BTBlog. Send us some pics of your trailer when its all done. We are located in East Flagstaff. We don’t have a real prominent storefront as we’re geared to sell mainly online so don’t want to pay extra for the retail space. We’re at 2505 N Center.

  3. Josh says:

    I just put up the Tout Terrain. Thanks for reminding us of that amazing trail capable child trailer.

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  7. My wife just bought a second hand Rhode Gear children’s trailer which was barely used by the previous owner but it came w/o instructions. I wouldn’t mind hearing from anyone of where to get the attachment instructions, or how to do it. It seems intuitive but just in case. Plus this is my first trailering experience and I’d rather not screw it up as said wife would be most upset at loss of darling daughter, etc.

  8. Jim says:

    Looking for replacement parts. Bike trailer hitch attached to seat post has ball type flexible receiver where short rectanguler stub from trailer inserts into, locks with horizontal pin. Any ideas? thanks

  9. Dallas says:

    I just bought a dreamer design trailer secondhand. It’s missing the part of the Y buckle that comes up between the legs. Any ideas on where to buy replacement straps for the buckle? Please don’t tell me to contact the company…I did several times and their email replies come back to me in Chinese and when I translate, they don’t make any sense. HELP!!!

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