Quick Tip: Forgot your light? Use your iPhone!

Saw this tip pop up on Twitter from user rabbieburns (click here to follow him):

Best alternative use of an iPhone so far? I forgot my front bike light tonight. Some sticky tape and iPhone later…

That’s a very brave man…

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0 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Forgot your light? Use your iPhone!”

  1. Fritz says:

    Ha hah. Oh boy.

  2. Melissa says:

    That is exactly why I keep rubber bands on my handlebars; they make excellent temporary bungees without sticky-ing up one’s precious iPhone. (I HOPE the rider stuck the tape to itself and used it as a cradle for the phone instead of taping directly to the device.)

    I’ve used the light on my phone (an actual light on the tiptop of it, though, not its screen) when stuck before. Lay the rubber band (or two, just in case!) so it’s oval-shaped over the top of your handlebar. Stretch the overhanging ends down so there’s space between the ends of the rubber band and the bottom of your handlebar. Then, insert phone/flashlight/etc. facing forward. The rubber band should hold the phone snugly to the handlebar, and the friction from the rubber should keep it from slipping out. When in doubt, more rubber bands are better than fewer. I’ve used this to hold paper tubes upright on the back of my crate, too (http://www.commuterpageblog.com/2008/07/bikes-as-suvs.html).

  3. Chico Gino says:

    He shoulda downloaded and used the Flashlight app.

  4. gregory says:

    i had this same kind of idea but paired it up with an application, tell me what you think


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