The bikes of Urban Legends

The ladies of Momentum Magazine put on the Urban Legends Fashion and Art Show last night at Interbike. DJ Miss Dust spun her urban tunes as models rode show bikes around the runway. The readers of Commute By Bike are naturally more interested in the bikes than the models. They rode bikes like this pretty Raleigh.

20080925-interbike 042

The folding bikes were interesting.

20080925-interbike 047

Brad and Jeff of Urban Velo Magazine are looking over my shoulder at these photos; they tell me that Mia is riding a Raleigh in this photo.

20080925-interbike 062

Schwinn introduced their new line of electric bikes at the show.

20080925-interbike 030

Fuji had some interesting bikes in the show.

20080925-interbike 028


I’ll post more bike photos later today.

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0 thoughts on “The bikes of Urban Legends”

  1. NoTrail says:

    Can’t seem to find the folding bike in that second picture. And I’ve spent a lot of time looking too! 🙂

  2. Stuart M. says:

    Thanks for the photos! I think there is no more beautiful view than a woman on a bicycle. Of course, the saddle has to be high enough or else they look like a monkey on a bike in a circus. Here in Japan the monkey look seems to be preferred… too bad.

    On another note, I have searched far and wide for a company that makes knickerbocker suits for men. There aren’t any anymore. Before you start laughing, just think of the advantages: no need to change clothes when you arrive at work, no oil stains on your inside pant cuffs, get to show off those nice calf muscles, and knickers just make people smile.

  3. Nice bike photos! Can’t choose which one I like best. Thanks.

  4. Fritz says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    Stuart, it just so happens that I spent some time with Nan of Joy Rider Clothing over in Oakland, CA. Her men’s suit knickers (made of Gabardine wool) are available at a handful of bike shops in the San Francisco Bay Area, but she’ll take email orders also. I’ll talk with her again in a couple of weeks so I might grab a pair of her knickers to review.

    And check out this photo of Raleigh’s brand manager Brian Forne with Nan:

  5. Fritz says:

    Okay, the photo didn’t make it through, so here’s the link:

  6. DogsBody says:

    To NoTrail: The folding bike is made by Dahon.
    Here’s their link:

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