Win a Cannondale Bad Boy Bicycle

You can win a Cannondale Bad Boy Bicycle by designing the next great commuter bike!

If you have an idea for a bicycle that might persuade the average person, with no prior interest in cycling, to park the car and pedal to work, then the commuter bike design contest sponsored by Cannondale might be for you.

A jury of 6 industrial designers and 1 journalist will review and discuss the submissions to choose a winner. The jury will be looking for creative and sound concepts that are clearly defined, original, and innovative.

Read the details over at Bicycle Design.

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0 thoughts on “Win a Cannondale Bad Boy Bicycle”

  1. NoTrail says:

    It would be even better is the winner would would a prototype of their own design!!

  2. NoTrail says:

    It’s early … Take 2:

    It would be even better is the winner would WIN a prototype of their own design!!

  3. ohio biker says:

    I have been imagining a fully enclosed, three wheeled,
    recumbent vehicle. It would have plenty of room inside
    to fit a couple bags of groceries or your work-clothes.
    The shape would have good aerodynamics to reduce
    wind resistance. It would have about seven gears and
    no less than a 4-1 overall ratio of those gears.

    If such a beast already exists for less than $2000, then
    please do tell. That is what I think would be a decent
    maximum price, although personally I hope it could
    be made for under $1000.

    I think there are a number of people who would more
    seriously consider bike commuting, if they were more
    protected from weather, and riding something that
    doesn’t remotely resemble a kids toy. (I know, bikes
    are not really kids toys, but to the great unwashed
    masses, bikes can look like toys)

  4. Xiousgeonz says:

    There is no average person 🙂

  5. Quinn says:

    I would but someone already came up with the idea 🙁

  6. IR Baboon says:

    Isn’t the cool part about a commuter how you customize it? You pick a good base model, and then start putting the bits and pieces on it that you want. Maybe thats just me. I can’t stop fiddling with my bike.

  7. ohio biker says:

    For folks who love bikes, customizing can be fun.
    This contest is about persuading folk with
    no prior interest in biking, to consider
    bike commuting. Things that we gladly endure
    in order to ride bike, are things that turn
    the non-bikers off. I have no doubt, that
    once you can get ‘normal’ folk to ride more
    than just a few times, they too, will come
    to love what you have loved for so long.

    Because this contest is to persuade non-riders
    to ride, folks who have been riding a long
    time, may be the least qualified to judge
    what will be design features and qualities
    that will convince the non-riders to
    give it a go.

  8. Quinn says:

    Ohio Biker,

    How about showing people that you can customize a commuter bike any way you want., Like me, IM commuting on a 29er with fenders, or a friend of mine rides a San Jose with dirt drops and a rear rack.

  9. Dirt McGirt says:

    Who the hell would want to win a Crackenfail, anyway?! Designing a sweet commuter would be awesome, but a BadBoy?

    “If you solve the world’s oil crisis in 1000 words or less, you win a 1997 Daewoo Hatchback!! YAY!”

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