YOU can be in the Bike to Work book

Update: Carlton says he has several fantatic response — enough for the book, so please don’t send any more.

Carlton Reid and Tim Grahl have been working on a Bike To Work book. Carlton is looking for real life stories from newbies and oldies alike. See QuickRelease.TV for details.

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0 thoughts on “YOU can be in the Bike to Work book”

  1. I am 26 years old. I started biking when gas prices hit $4.50 here in Montana. I started biking every single day. No exceptions. 2 months later my car was stolen. So it went from a hobby to a must do. Well since then (July 08) I have lost 30lbs. I only have 40lbs to go!! I put all of that gas and insurance money towards a brand new Trek Soho 3.0. I fell better, look better, and just have plain more energy than ever. I love biking and plan to do this through winter instead of the bus. there, that’s my little story.

  2. Carlton Reid says:

    Great comment, Andrew: “feel better, look better, and just have plain more energy than ever.”

  3. John says:

    Biking to work for me starts every late March and ends during mid-November.

    This year i built up a cyclocross for my all around town bike and it’s a great commuter as well.

    It’s a great feeling seeing people cycling and breaking off to their destinations for you.

    I can’t really live the year round commuter life though:-/ Winter belongs to the snowboarder in me :0

  4. Juan says:

    I’d give my story, but I’d never make it into the book…..I commute in spandex, race jerseys and don’t ride an upright Danish style bike.

  5. Fritz says:

    Hey Juan,

    Carlton is himself a spandex roadie guy, as am I 🙂

  6. blitt says:

    I bike to work and also AT work. I am a one-man dogwalking service in Chicago. About 4 years ago, I decided that the lemon of a car I had was pointless, especially for the plethora of stops I was making every day. When you are going to 8-12 houses per day, traffic, gas and parking (many neighborhoods are zoned) is nowhere near being worth the hassle. I was working for a company at the time, not for myself, so the money wasn’t as good as it is now, making gas, parking tickets and car insurance real financial concerns. I bought a Kona Smoke, convinced the boss that yes, I was actually gonna do this via bike all winter (she was skeptical), and that was it. Now I’m in business for myself, putting in 20-30 mile days, and I ride either a track bike or my SS MTB, weather and mood depending. Fenders and knowing how to dress have made all the difference.
    My day literally goes quicker this way, with traffic no longer a concern, and I am even able to weave the occasional daily errand into my work day easily, being that I just duck into stores quickly without sweating parking, so life in general is just easier.
    While I’m here, I’ll mention that sites like this one are not only good for me information-wise, but also a lifesaver just in terms of keeping morale up. As many good days as I have on my bike, there are certainly days when drivers, weather, or whatever takes it’s toll. Being able to visit this little world of like-minded people definitely rejuvenates me.

  7. Stuart says:

    Hey bluett (can’t do that umlaut!)!

    Sounds like you have arranged your life nicely there in Chicago. It’s great that a bike figures into it.

    I live in an equally cold climate here in Hokkaido, Japan. Today I laced on my $1 “handlebar grip shields” which did a good job of protecting my gloved hands from freezing. Only problem is now I can’t see what gear I’m in, but I can guess pretty well.

  8. Juan says:

    Glad to hear it Fritz!….sometimes Tim scares me. 😉

  9. Andrew says:

    It’s just amazing how a simple bike can make such an influence on one’s life. I leave in the Suburb’s outside of Philadelphia and i often wish that i live or worked in the city so i could use my bike as a daily commute. But until then i will have to sacrifice my week nights and weekends for my rides.

    Great stories!

  10. Stuart says:

    Hey Andrew!

    Do you live and work in the suburbs? No chance to commute by bike there? Is riding a bike really a “sacrifice” for you? Sorry, if I sound like the Bike Gestapo.

  11. Wade Grant says:

    I started commuting 4 days a week into downtown Jackson, MS in early June. There were alot of weird looks and teasing but now people are real supportive. The weather here should let me do this year around. This has changed my life and I regret not starting this sooner. Going to try everyday soon.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who bikes in wet cold weather: Any suggestions on brand(s) of gloves? I have tried something call Spyders, but they were NOT waterproof, as one ride proved.

    I bike throughout the winter(my personal best if -4 F).

  13. CJ says:


    Well, I don’t have a lot of experience with cycling specific winter gloves because I generally use gloves that are more for outside sports or for snowmobile riding. If you primary ride a mountain bike you might want to look at pogies, like those mentioned in this post:

    Or you can look at an outdoor store like Cablelas and buy some thick gloves with a Gortex lining or outside shell.

    I hope that helps!!

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