BrightBike : A Reflective Bike

Beacon Graphics and Eye Beam teamed up with some reflective 3M tape and came up with a pretty cool bike decal set called BrightBike.   With two different sets available, either Pre-cut or Uncut it will give the do-it-yourselfer a pretty unique and safe bike. 3M tape comes in various colors so you could match your bike pretty well, I have some installed on my Salsa Casseroll rear rack. It isn’t noticed that you have the tape on until it’s darker out and light hits the tape.

I question having your whole bike taped due to how bright the tape is, do you think it would be a distraction.   On a couple of my commuter bikes I have done my best to put 3M tape so you can see it well from the back and sides, including a couple pieces on the rotating rims to catch someones attention.

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0 thoughts on “BrightBike : A Reflective Bike”

  1. Ghost Rider says:

    There’s no such thing as too bright when it comes to riding at night! Easy for me to say, with two headlights, two or three rear blinkies, Christmas lights, two Monkeylectric M133s, scads of DOT reflectors and DOT conspicuity tape all over my bike.

    I WILL be noticed!

  2. Mase says:

    I do not think it a distraction at all but, rather as Ghost Rider notes, only a good thing. The more visible the better.

    On my old commuter bike I used a fair amount of reflective tape. The most effective I thought was on the cranks, due to the motion. Here’s a photo with flash:

  3. Tony Bullard says:

    I had an idea the other day while putting some reflective tape on my bike. Laminate some of the tape and make a spoke card. Seems like an easy way to get some motion out of your reflectivity.

  4. Grendel says:

    $35-40 is a rather steep price for this product when the same result can be had with $6 of 3M Nathan tape (wheel patches) and $10-15 of reflective automotive pin striping tape (frame).

  5. Len says:

    I have Vittoria Randonneur 700c tires on my single speed. The reflective sidewalls are great, love them, esp. early in the morning on my way to work. Like the concept so much that I got some Michelin City tires 1.85×26, for my hybrid. The sidewalls plus some extra large reflectors on the back, an orange vest with yellow reflector strips, reflective pant straps on both legs (I have a chain guard, but use the straps for reflectivity and movement) and reflective tape on my helmet.

    Tony: The spoke card idea is great!

  6. Katie says:

    On a related note, what do y’all use to enhance the reflectiveness of clothing? Particularly the kind I wash on a regular (twice-a-month) basis? I recently purchased a bright orange vest for visibility only to notice that its only reflection was a 1″x1″ logo on the chest.

  7. Quinn says:

    I use the Black-To-White motorcycle decals from, 1/3 the price and Very affective.

  8. Roger says:


    I have a reflective vest that goes over whatever I’m wearing at any time of year. It’s mesh so weather-independent, and small enough to keep in my trunk bag all the time, “just in case.” It was cheap, too.

  9. siouxgeonz says:

    It’s not too dazzling here, which may be why things *can* be distracting. Drivers have hopped curbs when I was in the pig ears.
    I have found that something in the spokes, a 3-D BIG rear light (also visible from sides), blinkie on the helmet and good headlight are strategically located lights that from my hearing yield the best reaction, ’cause I can tell when they’re slowing down.

  10. glixon66 says:

    Hey there –

    I definitely agree with Quinn about Streetglo stickers, that’s what I have on my Redline 925.

    However, maybe it’s my ignorance showing, but can’t they make a frame paint that is reflective at night? Why not do that for commuter bikes? I’d buy a bike that was black or brown or some other dark color during the day, but at night lights up like a Xmas tree.

    Just a thought.


  11. Exto says:

    I’ve done a couple of bikes covered in black reflective like they show above. It’s made by 3M.

    @ glixon66
    Tremclad and a few others make a retroreflective clearcoat, and I’ve tried a couple of them. It’s not as effective as the tape, but you can put it over whatever color you want and it doesn’t mess with the daylight color as much. I did some patterns in retroreflective clear coat on a white base for fun.

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