Q & A : Input for Commute By Bike

As we have mentioned that Commute By Bike has changed hands and the site has gotten rolling in the past week. Now that the site has been live for two weeks with constant updates, tips and reviews we would like your input. If you could take the time to help make this site better please answer some, all or add your other input to the following questions :

  • What are your favorite features of the site, if you could add or subtract features what would you do?
  • The topics covered on CBB are very wide, what are your favorites or what else would you like to see?
  • There is talk about starting back up the monthly newsletter, would you be interested in receiving a monthly newsletter with the key topics covered on CBB?
  • Would you pay $2 a month for special topics not covered on CBB or special deals/discounts from advertisers only provided through the newsletter?
  • What are your thoughts on the new Flickr and Facebook CBB groups. What else should we be doing in social media?

Now, keep going and let us know what you would like to see, hear or do.
Thanks for being so loyal and encouraging through all of this!

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16 thoughts on “Q & A : Input for Commute By Bike”

  1. bryantp says:

    More on longer distance commuters would be good. Riding 10 miles isn’t much of a commute – it’s a joy ride. Of course, riding over 30 miles one way is a joy ride too 😉 I cannot imagine paying – it would have to be dazzling.

  2. Andrew says:

    Hey now, some people live within a few miles of their work. My current ride is under 4 miles each way, and it used to be 2 miles. It’s short, but it’s a commute.

    Commute By Bike is just a little too active for me. I already have too much to read each day thanks to a really long RSS list. So, to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t see myself paying since often times I’ll just skip the accumulated CBB stories.

    Although… a podcast might be interesting, to listen to while biking.

  3. bryantp says:

    Andrew…actually, I envy you. If I had shorter work rides, I could have longer fun rides.

  4. j4 says:

    I’ve been reading CBB for a while, and I enjoy the coverage of products (bikes and gear) that are more useful for commuters and urban errand-running than hour fun rides. (Sturdy bikes, packs, lights, etc.) Also I like hearing how various locales are making biking easier or harder for people. I thought the earlier editorial staff did a pretty good job with it.

    Good luck!

  5. ScottG says:

    I’m a big fan of DIY project guides, commuting tips, and gear reviews (in that order). It would also be cool to profile various commuters to ask them what their commuting setup is, what keeps them motivated, etc.

    1-2 posts per day is all I’m really able to handle in my feed reader – more than that and I’m likely to skim and miss much of your content.

  6. Martin says:

    I’m perfectly happy with the rss feed as it is. No need for a newsletter. A weekly wrap up post, highlighting some post could work.

    And no, I would not pay, even though I enjoy the high quality posts.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  7. rjk says:

    Just keep up the good work you’ve been doing. Especially as we head into the winter months and I might go a month without seeing another cyclist on my commute; it just nice to know that others are out there riding”

  8. Matt says:

    I like the reviews on items I might actually be tempted to by and use. As someone else mentioned, I’d also like to get other commuters setup ideas for riding to work/school etc.
    Info on grassroots movements is nice. Things we can do where we live would also be helpful.

  9. Dingbat says:

    Regularity (i.e. predictability) of updates is nice. I like that I can rely on there being a new Bike Snob NYC post every weekday, and a new Fat Cyclist post most weekdays for me to read over lunch. Similarly, I like knowing that MWF in the morning I can get a new XKCD cartoon. And Tuesdays over the winter–a new The Bike Show Podcast. More than once a day? overload.

    As to content: A real editorial voice is great–I feel like I’m friends with Elden Nelson, Jack Thurston, and even BSNYC (in a way). I feel like I’ll know what they’re going to say about, say, a given bike or event, but I’ll look forward to hearing them say it, and, more importantly, they’ll bring things to my attention that I wouldn’t know about otherwise. “But is it good for the commuters?” is a great start–but put your own voice in there; this is a blog, an extremely self-centered (not selfish!) art form, so tell us about your commute.

    A photo or small observation from the morning or evening ride, someone you talked to going down the street; the crossing guard you see every morning; the house you’ve been riding by for two years now, while its owners have been rehabbing it.

    OK, back to work now.

  10. Andrew says:

    I like the idea of DIY project guides. that sounds fun!

    If you guys’re looking to make a little money have you looked into some sort of affiliate program with the likes of amazon, Kona, Surly et al. As long as it’s clear your reviews are unbiased I think it would be hard to complain if the link at the bottom of the review got you a little kickback. I know it’s a blog eat blog world out there…

  11. BluesCat says:

    I really enjoy the product reviews and the Bike Commuter News sidebar.

    I don’t think I would pay for an additional newsletter/magazine.

    I’m ambivalent about Facebook, Flickr, MySpace and all the other “social networking” stuff except for blogs.

  12. I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work.

  13. crotach says:

    I’ve been reading this site for some time and since the change I have really loved it. It seems to me to be more newsy, less cutsey in its attempt to be cool or something. I’ve read some really wonderful stories and been introduced to several other bicycle sites I was not aware of…so I’ve greatly enjoyed the change. You all have become the first cycle site I check in the morning. On a personal note, I appreciate stories on bicycle culture and transportation cycling…

  14. idbob says:


  15. siouxgeonz says:

    I, too, wouldn’t pay extra. Most stuff is out there somewhere.

    What I like most are the ongoing tales and strategies and gear reviews; I like hearing about folks encountering the stuff I do.

  16. Amazing Alex says:

    We missed Mesut Ozil too! It was confirmed by Arsene Wenger, while commentating for French Televison during the Euros. Arsenal were the first club to track him at Werder. Ozil finally had the choice to go to Arsenal or Real and he chose Arsenal.

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