The Perfect Commuter Bike : Fenders

Velo Orange FendersOur group build is about half way through it’s original phases. After many discussions about bicycle type, exact frame set, the type of shifting and finally the component type. We’ve determined the Long Haul Trucker with a stock build is the bike we are going with.

We’ve moved on to accessorizing and the important question now is fenders, what type, style and such. I’ve used various fenders over the years, and had great luck with SKS, Planet Bike and Velo Orange. For personal lust I have a set of Velo Orange fenders I’ve been saving for a moment like this. The idea of all silver/chrome parts on this bike with the blue paint makes me giddy!

As I’m leaving this as a sounding board for all of you to tell me your favorite fender and WHY, I’m not making this a poll but instead an open forum.

Planet Bike is a Commute By Bike sponsor, this doesn’t sway my opinion for them but by law I have to tell you this.

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0 thoughts on “The Perfect Commuter Bike : Fenders”

  1. Mike says:

    I haven’t visited the site in a long time. Thanks for re-viving this site.

    I use the PB fenders on most of my bikes but I Love the VO Fenders. They are so classy!

  2. Thanks for checking back in. I’m excited in the direction the site is taking.

  3. Greg says:

    I like the Planet Bike fenders in various versions. Being pre-assembled makes them fast to fit and I like that the company gives back to the bike community. Plus, they are based in Wisconsin, like me!

  4. KCJeffro says:

    I love the Planet Bike Cascadia. Long mudflaps, easy to install and PINK!

  5. Sean says:

    I’m very partial to my Woody’s fenders that Cody made for my Big Dummy.

  6. mase says:

    I’m partial to SKS fenders. They have slightly more options than PlanetBike (which are nice as well). I use the SKS P45s on my bike (currently with 700×32 tires).

    Here’s a link showing the fenders (with reflective material added to the backs of both fenders):

  7. Rob E. says:

    I’m on my 2nd or 3rd month with my Velo Orange fenders, having switched from SKS, I think. I just like the look of metal fenders. There was really no other justification for the switch as the old fenders were doing their job. They just were looking a little abused. And plastic. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Although one practical bonus of switching to VO fenders is that I was able to mount a rear tail light on the fenders. I’m not sure my old fenders would have stood for that, although it’s possible they would have.

  8. Tinker says:

    The Torker Cargo T comes with fenders, a full chain case, and front and rear racks, of course the ‘chrome’ is all black, and it weighs 45 pounds, so its not for the shiny-chrome loving roadie.

  9. KFo says:

    Giles Berthoud composite fenders. The material is similar to the SKS/ESGE, however, the mounting struts are much nicer. The SKS struts can be a little fiddly especially if you bump them occasionally as will happen with a commuter bike. The Berthoud struts are aluminum and bolt directly to the fender with no fiddly little strut to fender brackets. They aren’t quite as rigid as the SKS; they are shaped a little different round vs. squared extrusion profile.

  10. Paul in Minneapolis says:

    I have been using the SKS p45 on three of my bikes. I like them because the fenders cover more, like the rear fender covers more in back. That allows me to mount a fender taillight (generated- the back fender stay has a place to attach the light were it also gets grounded) and it keeps me from throwing sand in to the face of some one drafting.. The front goes down too and is strong enough for me to mount a nice mud flap (keeps my feet clean and dry and really keeps the bottom bracket clean. They also have very good adjustments so they fit the way I want.
    I have been thinking about painting them to match my bikes…. after reading about the fasion bit its taking a toll on me… (Me fashionable? HA HA)

  11. Gooner14 says:

    I bought some metal VO fenders in the spring, but I was a bit rough on them and bent them after doing a drop in. Needless to say I am back to planet bike, they can take a lot more abuse.

  12. Ghost Rider says:

    I love the PB full-coverage fenders, but my personal favorites are Honjo hammered-finish beauties. They’re worth every penny, and the hardware is without peer.

    One of my commuter bikes is outfitted with the original 1971 “GW” stainless steel fenders it came stock with. They’re still as bright as the day they left the factory floor.

  13. Matt says:

    Fenders are a definate yes.
    I just added silver SKS fenders to my Trek 520. I like the way the silver contrasts with the green frame, brown seat and handlebar wrap and black bike buckets. Honestly, I stole the look from the bike pictures with the bike bucket post.

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