Alan's Grocery Getter

Here at the Bike Trailer Blog we like to encourage our readers and customers, like Alan here, to send us emails and pictures about their own bike trailer stories. Whether they are custom bike trailer projects, how they use their gear that they have purchased from us or just fun stories about trips, cool ideas and other interesting things related to bike utility. So if anyone out there has a great story about how they use their bike trailer, we would love to hear about it.

Alan was kind enough to send us some pics of his grocery setup. Alan has quite the grocery system, we could all be so lucky. I’m not 100% positive but it looks as though Alan has used a titanium IndiFab road bike and attached a BOB Yak to the rear of the bike with an additional Greenspeed rack mounted to the rear end of the BOB Yak. The addition of a plastic container on the Yak is great for keep those runaway veggies in one spot.

The Greenfield stabilizer kickstand is a must for proper grocery store parking. although its hard to see Alan has also mounted 4D Toplight to the rear of the Greenspeed rack for a little extra viability to and from the food store. I really have to give Alan credit for getting groceries with style, like I said I’m not sure, but a Ti frame, potential Campy Record and confirmed styled out BOB Yak, we really could all be so lucky, nice Job Alan.

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0 thoughts on “Alan's Grocery Getter”

  1. Lap says:

    Alan & I both have similar rigs which I used when I used to live in Austin. Similar Yaks only my “pull” was with a Surly LHT which for some odd reason I could never get Alan to trade “pulls” with me. Mark Dunlap (currently) Sacramento, CA.

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