How to Buy a Bike?

In order to be a happy utility cyclist, it is my opinion that you need to find the bicycle(s) that is best for you. Now that may not seem like an overwhelmingly profound statement, but the main point is to find a bicycle that is comfortable, affordable, and fun to ride. In an earlier post – Starting with the Basics – I cover some of the initial things you want to consider when getting yourself a bicycle for commuting and other utility cycling activities.

So, I was pretty excited to stumble upon the follow video series below at Change Your Life, Ride A Bike this morning, that documents the adventure of buying a bicycle, as told by Pilar and Dorthy. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

And I could not seem to find Part 4, but you get the idea! You never know which bike will be best for you until you try them. So get out there and ride!

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